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US VC Releases - 18th June - Bloody Wolf

Posted by Darren Calvert

Cries of outrage and despair can be heard across the Americas today as F-Zero X is not going to be up on the Virtual Console as it was last Friday for the Europe! So is it all bad news? Nah, it's not all that bad.

Bloody Wolf is our top pick this week. This run and gun game deserves to be played by everyone. It's not much to look at but it is good fun and presents a decent challenge.

World Sports Competition may interest some. The gameplay is very repetitive and you'll probably get Repetitive Strain Injury from all the button bashing but we are sure some fans of the olympic games may like this even if we didn't.

NES Open Tournament Golf does exactly what it says on the tin. A fun golf game albeit limited without the flashy graphics of a modern Tiger Woods game on a next gen console. The gameplay is still dynamite though. Well worth a look.

Let the bitching about F-Zero X not being available today commence! (We will publish just one or two comments about this! Be quick! hehe)

Read the reviews here:

Bloody Wolf - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

World Sports Competition - TruboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

NES Open Tournament Golf - NES - 500 Points

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Typical said:

OH GOOOOD. NOOOO. How can Nintendo do this to me? I'm outraged! Nintendo should give us at least seventeen of this top games every WEEK! I want my money back! etc. etc., just to get it out of the way.



Ender said:

Who cares about F-Zero X? I never even like those games anyways.



Don-Bon said:

Not an awful week, we've had worse. I think I'll download "Bloody Wolf", it looks like fun. I wont download "World Sports Competition", and I'll consider "NES Open Tournament Golf".



Dazza said:

Angel - "thanks to let participate to me for the first time from Rico.yo Port I am not of the USA."

LOL - you are welcome amigo!



Tony said:

yea, this week is pretty bad, blah...and im not a complainer about f-zero x haha



Marioman64 said:

dear lord WHERE'S PAPER MARIO????????????????????????
;_; ;_; WEEK after WEEK it makes me wait
if it doesn't come out next week then i won't get to play it because the first 2 weeks of july i have camp and the next week we go on vacation and the week after that we're visiting my grandmother in mississippi for a week and a half and then school starts...
waitingfor this game is making my summer drain itself, i mean, there's a picture of paper mario in nintendo power magazine so what's going on?



Lefty_Noob said:

Sad to say, but this week leaves me a bit lukewarm. Bloody Wolf would be more interesting if it were two player, and I've never been a huge fan of console golf games. World Sports Competition might be worth a shot (used to play Winter Games and California Games to death on my 800xl). I sure wish they'd finally tap into that vast library of SNES RPGs though. Don't really care which title.



Drake said:

Nintendo Power isn't the most reliable source for upcoming games, man. Remember Zelda II? You had to wait 4 months for that to come. Japan is getting Paper Mario this month, true, but it's Japan, they get nearly everything first. For now, I would suggest you wait for F-Zero X before even beginning to wait for Paper Mario.



Dazza said:

Marioman64 - At least you can buy Super Paper Mario on the Wii. Us Europeans can't yet! (except for me who imported an American Wii console!)



Marioman64 said:

but F-Zero X isn't even in nintendo power and i already have super paper mario... and beat it

and zelda 2 is wierd



fac_ownage said:

Nintendo is cruel. These June releases are a nightmare. Sonic 2 is the only good thing about this month...oh well



SKTTR said:

I know Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario are both 5-star-games!
And cause of this fact, they shouldn't get in the way of each other!
Nintendo would lose money if everyone buys a $10/10 Paper Mario
instead of an $50/50 Super Paper Mario.

Paper Mario isn't coming for a looooong time... at least in Europe.
First, we'll get Super Paper Mario (hasn't announced yet) but is believed to be released some time in autumn/winter.
Because of this matter, the next N64 releases will be Yoshi's Story, Aerofighters Assault and Beetle Adventure Racing.. ;D
My suggestion: If Super Paper Mario is released, then MAYBE some months later (end of the year, we'll get N64 Paper Mario)

btw. Blood Wolf looks interesting. How many stages? Weapons? Story?
It'll be in Europe this Friday, yeah?



FreddeX said:

Wow, I really feel bad for you guys.
You always seem to get some really good games really late (read: Donkey Kong Country, Zelda 2, and now F-Zero X)



Mega_X_Gundam said:

crap crap crappity crap crap. where are the people that make the games in which are fun!!!!? come on Big N give me Super Mario RPG or at least Final Fantasy. cus there arn't any good RPG games on the Wii yet and the VC games havn't really brought on one thats good. PLEASE someone from nintendo read this site and learn what we gamers want!!



Rasudido said:

Really must they keep releasing bad to mediocre games?

I eally dont think they are pressed to find at least 1 decent SNES tittle... cmon where are the Super Mario RPGs, Illusion of Gaia, Chrono Trigger, Super Street Fighter. How about some quality N64 game like the FZEROX that was shown to be ready for release already, the smash brothers, paper mario, Yoshi Story, Castlevania?

Really cmon at least one huge release please.



ben said:

omg what a terrible week! the only reason i want fzero, is that once its out we can wait for the next n64 game. only 3 games come on, we could have at least gotten super mario bros 2. nintendo really dropped the ball on this week and i for one am very dissapointed.



whiteshadow said:

it seems nintendo gear f-zero to a european crowd a lot more to a american crowd,they must sell better here or something.i mean the last f-zero on gba was released here too



720isback said:

You PAL gamers have fun playing f zero x a couple weeks ahead of us (you know... a game most of us still own or played years ago)

and we'll get busy in our Super paper mario and wait for smash bros brawl which you guys will probably be waiting an extra month or so for!

Also I do remember you guys having to wait for zelda LTTP for quite a few weeks after us USA gamers got it =p



PowerLegend said:

fac ownage and george, both of you need to stfu and try PLAYING some of the games on the VC before you assume they're all crappy

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

PEOPLE ACROSS THE POND!!! don't moan that f-zero isn't out,you'll get it cheaper than europe and it will run nearly 20% faster than our version. at least you don't get screwed over,we do.



triptych said:

I'm really disappointed that there aren't any good RPG's in the virtual console lineup yet. Not even Y's or Chrono Trigger, etc. C'mon let's make with the RPGS



Kevin said:

Blah. I though about getting the golf one but I changed my mind. Nothing this week for me. Hopefully Vectorman or Super Mario 2 comes out next week. I don't want F-Zero. (Hate racing games except for Mario Kart)



whiteshadow said:

what people fail to realise is that f-zero is a NINTENDO game,not some third party has shigsy as producer the same man who made mario and zelda is a very good game regardless of type,and you would be very naive not to give it a go.on the issue of pal and american release dates,its nice to see us get the better end this time



Mendez said:

It won't be an extra month for Brawl, it'll be an extra 6 months



720isback said:

i was being optimistic for you guys.

I mean... you got mario strikers before us (although i believe it was made in europe or something, and footballs bigger here)



Tattooman said:

I was hoping they would release some of the top hit games first. It makes me wonder who they are survey to determine which games and when they come out. It seems like to to me it's some 90 guy who has never seen a home console.

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