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Shift your phase. Win the race.

In the year 2112 the masses are fascinated by extreme high speed races. The latest antigrav racing technology introduced phase shifting. Perfect phase matching of track and racing machine is the key to stay alive. Warm up your engines, the future is now...

  • 1-4 player splitscreen
  • Many Racing Modes
  • 24 Challenges
  • Unlockables

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

FAST and furious

It's been a long time since the last F-Zero game. The last one to make its way to the West, F-Zero GP Legend, was released outside Japan in 2003, and we haven't heard a word from the series since, other than its character inclusions in Super Smash Bros...

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KeeperBvK said:

Just looking at the screenshots I thought this looked like a Shin'en game. :D Looks like it could finally be the first good racer for WiiWare.



akacesfan said:

This game reminds me of Trackmania, and I love that game. I'll definately check this out, as Shin'en is one of the more consistent WiiWare developers. :D



niggyt2004 said:

just watched the video on nintendo web site it looks good, cross between F Zero and Wipe Out



Pj1 said:

If my internet contiunes to work better than it has, I might down load this! Wii-ware prices are silly though....



gingerbeardman said:

£7 is a bargain for this. Looks so good and plays well. The phase mechanic will take some getting used to, though!



Alfred_ENG said:

Hello PJ1, You do have a good point. But this game cost's £7.00 and 20% of that is VAT. Which is about £1.40. Then Nintendo take their cut which i will say is about 30%. What are the Devs left with per game sold. Maybe £2.00-3.00. I don't know. 3 or 4 people made this game. I don't think they will be getting rich from this game.

I think we gamers got it for a low price. It's a very good game. Just wish it had online multiplayer and leaderboards.



Number_6 said:

If you pick up this game, remember two words: CLASSIC CONTROLLER! It is really fun using the CC, it is really frustrating (for me at least) using the Wii Remote & nunchuck. This game was a good buy for me, pretty amazing graphics for WiiWare.

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