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Prepare To Start Your Descent.

You begin deep below the surface of Lunar Base I where an unknown alien race has taken over the chasm of the Post-Terran Mining Corporation. Lunge straight down mine shafts, twist around never-ending tunnels and fight your way past robotic menaces in an environment that's truly 360° 3-D... move up, move down, shoot everything everywhere. Hang onto your senses (and your lunch) as you drop straight down mine shafts on a ride that'll leave you spinning.


•A full 360° 3-D enivronment.
•Highly advanced artificial intelligence with creatures that actually learn, adjusting their actions based on your tactics. They'll plot, wait and ambush you from all sides.
•30 twisting levels of mechanical monsters, deadly traps and hidden tunnels.
•Requires Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™, or Classic Controller™.

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Zach said:

Looking at those screen shots brings back so many memories



Rainman said:

Yeah, I played this a lot when it came out originally, until Duke Nukem 3D took over as king on my computer (which I still play to this day!). Unfortunately, the lack of multiplayer for this WiiWare version of Descent is a deal breaker for me. No multiplayer = no purchase.



SteveW said:

Lack of multiplayer a deal breaker?? I loved the PC game and I don't even remember it having multiplayer, lol the single player is excellent



MikeyMikeMike said:

This game was awesome back then...I hope they up the resolution in this version for TVs that seriously exceed the computer monitors this game was originally designed for...controls are the other big concern...



Pastry said:

I thought Interplay went bankrupt when they sold the Fallout MMO license. Hmm...



vio said:

@xj0462 LOL... Obviously not. I mean the WiiWare service is completely dead. It's really disappointing as I loved this game(and the second one even more so) as a kid and was really looking forward to this. It figures that out of the 3 games they had announced for WiiWare, this is the ONLY one they did not release!

Of course they could definitely just release it to the Wii U eShop now, but I wouldn't hold up hope for that either. Interplay is still in business apparently, but seems only just barely so. Wikipedia shows they currently have a whopping 10 employees! What's funny is their web site still shows Descent is coming:




motang said:

Guess this game is vaporware on the Wii. I remember playing it on the PC back in the day.

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