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I love Sonic. Silver is my favorite

Male, 15, United States

Hi! I love sonic and a little bit of mario. I have two hedgehogs in real life to! Silver the hedgehog and shadow the hedgehog are my favorite sonic characters. For mario, it's Yoshi and Bowser. I look forward to seeing all the posts on here! Goodbye :-)

Thu 5th Jun 2014

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SilverHedgeFan commented on Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric:

Wow a whole new take on son- OMG WHY THE HECK DOES KNUCKLES LOOK LIKE A BATTLETOAD! it's like someone stuck a bike pump up his but and pumped REAL hard. Anyways from that it looks good. The designs (excluding knuckles) are pretty good. Hoping for recurring characters like shadow blaze silver rouge etc. make an appearance. Can't wait for the tv show as well.