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Ninja Spirit (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Ninja Spirit is a side-scrolling action game that amazed the gaming world with its precision graphics and quality game play. Play as the ninja Moonlight and engage in a fierce battle to avenge his father's death and unlock the secrets of his birth. Select between the original arcade mode and PC Engine mode, which includes a life gauge.

Use four types of weapons: katana, shuriken, bombs and chain and sickles to battle your way through the enemies. Pick up power-up items and switch between weapons to give you the advantage. You'll need to consider the enemy attacks and your weapon's abilities in order to deftly make it through all seven stages. Use your skills and attacks to get through the game's boundless enemies and traps. That's what ninja action is all about.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ninja Spirit is a side-scrolling action game that amazed the gaming world with its precision graphics and quality game play.

While it would be easy for someone to dismiss any ninja action title that doesn't have the name Ninja Gaiden or Shinobi in the title, doing that would cause you to miss a little-known, but outstanding ninja action title released on the also forgotten...

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User Comments (18)



michinmuri said:

absolute must-have for any fan of the PCE/Turbo Grafix. One of my favorite games. This game goes to show how great games could be for their time. A simple ninja platformed but awesome. The last level is nigh impossible to beat (I never have.)



KQ said:

IMO PC Engine Mode's quite easy. Are you stuck on the fall off the cliff bit? Tip : Fall off then go all the way left to thge wall, move a '1 man' space away from the wall and you should be able to fall to the end of the level. Hope that helps.



Slippy said:

I decided to check this game out based on the reviews here and the fact that I never owned a TG16/PCE. Awesome game, though definitely easy in pc engine mode with infinite continues. Haven't been able to pass that "fall off the cliff and get shredded by millions of ninjas" part yet though. I'd have to say this was a good choice for my first VC purchase.



fac_ownage said:

If you want a game that pisses u off and makes u yell at the screen numerous times, by all means, get this game. i hate it. it makes no sense...sometimes u die in one hit, sometimes it takes many times getting hit to die...MAKES NO SENSE. abomination of ridiculous amounts of enemies and causes it to lag like crazy.

but god damn its addicting and makes u want to beat it.



link64 said:

It depends how close you are to the enemy's attack.

or you could go on arcade mode were every hit kills you.



link64 said:

The edition of the pc engine mode is nice but this game is to short.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

This game's great. I love the weapons. I love killing lots of Ninjas that wanna kill you. I love beating the bosses over and over.
But I wish the bosses were harder.
I hate the last 2 levels! Level 6 is HARD! Level 7 is boring until you get to a part were LOTS and LOTS of ninjas come at you and kill you instantly!(panting) But that's O.K. This game's good.



Peksu said:

I guess this game is pretty decent, but it's just really shallow.
Sure, there's 2 player option, but it's like Super Mario Bros, players take turns playing levels. There's much better games available for download, but if you've got thing for ninjas, I guess this is just the game for you. But othervise, use your points wiser.



David said:

No, it's not really that hard. The last level is a bitch though if you don't know exactly how to beat it. There's this really wide and long pit you have to jump down, and there are enemies that are just floating there waiting to kill you the whole way down. You have to stick to the left side and dodge the one guy that periodically shows up there, otherwise you'll never make it.



Cally said:

I thought this game was just great--beat it, for the first time on the VC. No, it's not terribly complicated, with your character having exactly the moves and power-ups he needs to get through the (annoyingly) endless waves of enemies. Slashing the crap out of enemies with your powered up sword with your two doppelgangers (sp?) just feels absolutely awesome, plus twists of some stages involving leaps between floor and ceiling. I also thought the difficult was balanced very well! Except for that ridiculous final sequence of trying to fall between ninjas going upward, requiring memorization (yay for unlimited continues). Sure, it feels kinda primitive but astonishingly well-executed, epic action. A 2-D gaming masterpiece not to be missed.

Epic masterpiece! It's one of my top 5 Turbo-16/Duo games period, which are (I have 18):

Ys Book I & II
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Gate of Thunder
Lords of Thunder
Ninja Spirit



jeffo said:

One of the better ninja games for sure. I think it beats the early Gaiden's hand's down. No incredibly frustrating platform jumping (falling) elements. The Ninja-meets-Supernatural elements of the story and art design are also far more appealing than dodging street thugs and bazooka shells imo. Anyways my criticism is it's way, way too short. The more awesome and meaner looking bosses are also way, way too easy and there's that one really unnecessary falling bit at the very end - which you can find the solution to pretty easily online and save yourself the frustration of dying a million-zillion times like I did when I first played the hucard. Good weapons and powerup selection, great graphics for their time just a shame that its way too quick and pretty easy. Worth a download if you're into the ninja games but getting frustrated with overly aggravating platform jumping elements. 8/10.



Nigel said:

I find this a little less fun that Shinobi. I haven't tried Ninja Gaiden.



GEOFF said:

Do not play this game on arcade mode the last boss is the hardest I have ever played in over 20 years of playing games.Impossible, it will drive you mad.I quit then deleted it forever.



GotToGoBackInTime said:

This is a Great! game, but I get all the way to the last level were you fall down and have to avoid those other ninjas as your falling and I can not do it. I have never beat this game because of that. That is the only reason I would give this game 3 stars & not 4.



Adamant said:

Just downloaded this, great fun. I agree that "PC Engine Mode" is quite easy, but holy christ is Arcade mode tough. Tougher than effin Ghosts'n Goblins, in fact. No, seriously, it's THAT hard.



Betagam7 said:

I wasn't that impressed with this when I first played it and relegated it to the SD card. However today after completing Donkey Kong Country, Twighlight Princess and Smash Bros Brawl I celebrated by promoting it back to the Wii's internal memory. You have it give it time, don't just give up after a few goes like I did.



JustanotherGamer said:

Another example of the many near-perfect arcade Translations that The turbo Graphix 16 offered. Ninja Spirit was a challenging side-scolling game of the 1980's N.E.C managed to have a near-perfect port. The "Big" Hu Cards were the ones to buy when the TG-16 was an active console. Ninja Spirit was one of those games on the "Big' cards. (in 2010 the term "Big cards" is now lost. Ninja Spirit is still worth a playthrew even today.

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