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Final Fight 3 (Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo)

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Following the defeat and subsequent disappearance of the Mad Gear Gang, a small group known only as Skull Cross is responsible for a new uprising of vandalism, terrorism and death. The government of Metro City is at a complete loss.

Metro City’s mayor, Mike Haggar, and Guy prepare to take on the new gang with Cody's old friend, Lucia, when suddenly a mystery man named Dean with a special grudge against Skull Cross shows up to join the action.

The streets are dangerous! Take on any member of Skull Cross that stands between you and your goal. Remember to grab some food to revitalise your strength, or you may find yourself face down in those dangerous streets!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Third time lucky?

Following the enjoyable-but-flawed SNES conversion of the original Final Fight and its disappointing sequel, Final Fight 3 can be viewed as Capcom's attempt to atone for its previous sins and give fans a domestic exclusive worthy of the name. Released...

Game Review

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Is the third time the charm?

Final Fight 3 came along fairly late in the Super Nintendo's lifespan, but that certainly didn't bother fans of the series who were looking for one more heavy dose of beat-'em-up action. Capcom decided it was time to spice up the gameplay some and the end...

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User Comments (24)



Drake said:

This will easily be one of the best purchases on VC, not just because it's a fantastic game, but also because it's also one of the rarest SNES games - Just a cartridge can go for a ton on eBay.



cheetahman91 said:

By the way the two above me are talking, this is better than that crapfest that is Final Fight 2.



AUnkownFuture said:

OH YES!! I love this game so much i remember playing it when i was a kid.I always use Dean and Mayor Haggar they are my two favourite characters in the game.I cant wait to get this.



StarBoy91 said:

Ooooo, I know what beat'em up we're receiving on the VC next! :)
And I love Haggar's elongated ponytail. :)



Rawk_Hawk said:

Already...awesome I am ready to finish the trilogy and then we need Final Fight arcade



StarBoy91 said:

Mayor Haggar is the buffest mayor of all, well, Mayortown. :)
And he still fights while in office. Inspiring of him.



Bass_X0 said:

Its different. I have only been able to play Final Fight 3 as a ROM (since it came out in very limited numbers here; I never once seen it for sale) and wasn't able to do the Super Moves with a keyboard. I enjoyed it though. I'll be getting it as soon as it comes out in Europe. I've played and completed Streets of Rage 2 though and thinking back at the two experiences, I can only say that they are different. Although that probably doesn't help much. I couldn't decide which one is the better game. I think that when I get it on VC, I'll enjoy Final Fight 3 more because the characters have a variety of attacks and grabs. But I'd definitely say Streets of Rage 2 is better than Final Fight 1 & 2 for sure.



jwl said:

Thanks for the response :) I will probably be tired of Streets of Rage 2 anyway when this comes out in EU, so this seems like a good beat-em-up game to get at that time.



JDesensitized said:

The special moves and branching paths alone put this above the other games in the series for me.

Beat Em Ups on the SNES just don't get better than this.



deggs said:

kinda strange to say but i was really hopin that mighty final fight comes out as well. i used to love that game. i hope that gets a vc release...

that said, i'll prob buy either this one or ff2 depending on what's i feel like when it's time to pick up another game. i do love beat 'em ups and let's face it, capcom were def one of the best at the genre...



d2_s said:

For me none of the console Final Fight games had the magic of the original Final Fight in the arcades. Even this most feature rich version of the game doesn't do it for me. Best Console scrolling brawler is Streets of Rage 2 IMO. I was never a fan of the original SoR and SoR 3 was unfortunately not as enjoyable as SoR 2 IMO. That being said, I picked this up on the VC, it's a competant brawler, but not in the same leauge as SoR 2 IMHO.



cowboy said:

I remember playing this series on the Arcades, so i wanted to ask if the Arcades are better version than the Snes, and is there a chance a Arcade version gets released?

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