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Tue 2nd Feb 2010

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d2_s commented on Final Fight 3:

For me none of the console Final Fight games had the magic of the original Final Fight in the arcades. Even this most feature rich version of the game doesn't do it for me. Best Console scrolling brawler is Streets of Rage 2 IMO. I was never a fan of the original SoR and SoR 3 was unfortunately not as enjoyable as SoR 2 IMO. That being said, I picked this up on the VC, it's a competant brawler, but not in the same leauge as SoR 2 IMHO.



d2_s commented on Review: Super Mario World (SNES):

The game is definately a classic, have very fond memories of it. Not sure whether I prefer this on SMB3, but definately one of the finest examples of the genre.



d2_s commented on Review: Dragon's Curse (Virtual Console / Turb...:

Definately 9/10 for me as well. I thought I knew it al labout retro gaming until I ashamadly found out recently that WBIII: The Dragon's trap was released on the TG16 as Dragon's Curse. The big plus for me however, is the wonderful surprise of being able to play an enhanced version of one of my all time favourite games!



d2_s commented on Review: Streets of Rage 2 (Virtual Console / S...:

Nice little review, my favourite scrolling beat 'em up of all time. Used to play this game in 2P mode with my cousin in 'mania" difficulty that you could only access via cheat code. The mechanics are perfect and it's aged pretty well, it can get a tad repetitive for me now and would benefit with a few extra moved, but for the time it was unbeatable and it's amazing it holds up as a good game even today



d2_s commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Virtual Console / Su...:

I totally agree with all the folks saying this is the best Mario Kar game ever. The controls were/are spot on and though it had a steep-ish learning curve compared to modern games, it you could only really appreciate the greatness of this game after playing it for 100s of hours and learning all the intricasies of control and each level. The game has alot of depth that can't be appreciated unless you put in the effort. One of my most played games of all time next to Street Fighter 2.



d2_s commented on Review: Street Fighter II: Special Champion Ed...:

I remember paying $170 AUD to purchase this version when it first came out. I actually mastered playing this game with a 3 button pad, quickly flicking the start button during combos. Have no idea how I managed it back then. The Genesis/Mega Drive 6 button pad was what made this version truly great, my only real misgiving was the terrible scratchy voice samples, other than that, it was a very fine version.