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Wario's Woods is a puzzle game in which Toad piles up falling creatures and bombs in order to make them all disappear, collect gold coins and reach the next level. Setting up chain reactions is a very effective strategy to go far in this game.

Several supporting characters of the Mario series make a guest appearance. The NES version of Wario's Woods is mostly remembered for being the last NES game officially released in the West. Although less known than other puzzle games from Nintendo such as Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack, Wario's Woods can become quite addictive and is definitely worth a try for puzzle fans.

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Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Kinopio's Canopy

Wario's Woods has had quite a storied legacy over the last few decades, standing not only as the last officially licensed game released on Nintendo's legendary NES in North America in 1994, but also one of the very first titles available on the Wii's...

Game Review

3DS eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Martin Watts

It's back like you wooden believe

Originally released in 1994, Wario's Woods holds the prestigious honour of being the last officially licensed game to release for the NES in North America; that's a remarkably long time after the console itself launched in the mid-eighties. Yet while it's...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

If you go down to the woods today...

Toad, the hero of this story (or Mushroom-head to his mates) gets to show off his muscles in this Tetris-style falling block game by lifting and stacking bombs and monsters. Our friend Toad cleverly discovered that if he puts monsters of the same colour...

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User Comments (28)



Bass_X0 said:

I really wish they had done the superior SNES game instead. I suppose the graphics are good... for the last ever NES game that is (but still nothing compared to the SNES game).

__Jason Williams


Jason Williams said:

Yeah it's strange they released this one. It's still a pretty good laugh thou, but then I am a sucka for falling block games like this!



Baldasacoot said:

An obvious Tetris-alike attempt released at a time when everyone was trying to out-tetris Tetris .. and it shows.

The the gameplay has been enhanced in many ways above 'simple puzzle game' mechanics. These enhancements are good in themselves but only serve to over complicate the gameplay in Wario's Woods. This is a simple puzzle game but with unnecessary 'arcadey' elements added. Instantly forgettable in every way.



Negrin said:

Say what you want but I love this game. Sure, it would've been cool if they had gone with the SNES version instead but that said, I don't mind it all that much. The game itself might very well be my favorite falling-blocks game out there. The arcadey elements that Bald-as-a-coot dislikes in my opinion make the game -- and that's why it stands out from a multitude of your run-of-the-mill Tetris clones. It's a really cool game if you ask me -- and I'm not even a big fan of the genre. But then again, maybe that's precisely the reason I like it so much.



StarSoldier1 said:

I liked the NES version too since you can fight bosses in it and there are all new time trials.



SKTTR said:

This is a great underrated overlooked puzzler.
I recommend the download for everyone who likes sorts of Tetris.

Deep gameplay mechanics, but a simple enjoyable game overall.
I regularly play this on Animal Crossing so I wait for the SNES version on VC.

4 Stars! This could be the puzzle game you always wanted.



Zephyr_Tread said:

Interesting game with an interesting concept and a creative gaming interface, stacking them yourself rather than selecting where they land (such as in tetris) is a lot of fun, it's always a challenge to keep things organized and things can get pretty intense on the later levels. I'll say this: THIS GAME IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I had played this on Animal Crossing and knew that I liked it before I downloaded it, You don't necessarily need to like most other puzzle games to like it. Try it if you like, competetive multiplayer is great and suspend play are perfect for this game.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

Good game. but the SNES version is a little better.
(Just so you know, this game's on Animal Crossing.)



KJ said:

It's quite simple: the NES version of the game was featured in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing, which, if you didn't know, had emulated versions of various NES games, but no SNES games (for various reasons). Long story short, they wanted to make all the games on AC available for purchase on Virtual Console, so they included the NES version instead of the SNES version.

No, it doesn't make sense, but lately, neither does Nintendo.



KeeperBvK said:

I love Wario's Woods and I spent hours with it. The nrmal singleplayer will keep you entertained long enough with its 100+ levels including cool bosses, Time Attack will have you keep coming back...and the gameplay itself is just really nice as it diverges from your typical "move the falling block" stuff.



Beau_Skunk said:

I don't think the SNES version is so much "superior" personally. The NES version has it's own advantages I feel. For one thing, the method for beating bosses in the NES version is more creative & original then the SNES one.
In the SNES version, you just battle bosses in a VS-mode 2-player mode (You VS the computer) style like most other puzzle games do. And while that's nice, I prefer the NES method.

In the NES version, you battle bosses directlly on your game screen with Toad, (You battle bosses in every 10th level of "Game B") by lining up matching monsters, and bombs next to the boss to damage it. (And try to reduce their Heart points to zero.) The boss will also occasionally teleport, and each one has different methods/patterns of making falling monsters/bombs appear, so it's not as easy as it sounds.
And it's acctually more possible to get to level 100 and get the ending then other puzzlers. The save feature also comes in handy, and let's you continue from every 5th level you've gotten to.
The time trial mode is also nice to, and a tutorial mode that teaches you how to play the game in a nice way.

Anyways, I feel Wario's Woods is a very underated puzzler, it's kinda like Dr. Mario meets Super Mario 2. If you like puzzle games like Tetris, Yoshi's Cookie, and Dr. Mario give this game a look. It's a nice little gem.



Sarato said:

Too bad that the PAL version doesn't have as good round music as the NTSC version. The PAL versions music is a little more annoying but this is still my favourite puzzle game, EVER!
And that is cool because i usualy hate puzzle games but this one is really really good. I love this game!



WaddleWave said:

Like almost everyone has stated...want some NES games? Animal Crossing has a LOT...even Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Punch-Out!!,etc. Anyway, this game is great puzzler, few games that saves, every 5 stages it creates a checkpoint so any time you may go to the menu and start off any level in intervals of 5 levels.



Bass_X0 said:

yeah. the bosses are pretty fun in this game. i wish they had been in the snes game too.



Lurch said:

a great puzzle game for the NES which reminds me on Tetris and Dr Mario. The musik is entertaining, the grafics look nice and the gameplay is as smooth as it is supposed to be. the icing on the cake is defenetly the 2P mode and the autosaving which allowed players to continue from levels where they failed before. It's wrong in my opinion to to refer the rating of this game to the superior SNES title. It's a great puzzle game, yet not so great like Dr mario i am eagerly awaiting



calc_nerd said:

Great game, played it on animal crossing. Good way to put an end to the nine year span of the NES



pdrydia said:

Easily the game I play most on my Wii--and I never owned it as a kid, so no nostalgia attached. It's an interesting action Tetris-like hybrid, and I was surprised at how much room I had to improve from when I first started playing it. Lots of fun. Not colorblind friendly.



Ricardo91 said:

I forgot that this game was on Animal Crossing. I never found it though, and if I recall it's very rare in that game. I see this game pretty often at trading stores though, and it sounds like an interesting puzzler, but I don't want this watered down version. I think I'll just wait for the SNES version to come out, which I heard has more modes. But if we don't end up getting it, I'll just download this version.



Ricardo91 said:

WOW! I just saw the video, and I must say this game looks amazing for an NES game!



Wooji said:

this game wasn't bad, but not the best. IT has good graphics but other than that the game is a bit iffy.



seanehawk said:

I still have the cart. of the SNES version. It's surprisingly addicting and definately worth the 500 points!



Goomba2996 said:

Not the best puzzle game ever but if you really like Mario puzzle games go and spend those 500 Wii points.



I've seen a lot of hate for the NES Wario's Woods. It's the one I grew up with, I only recently got my hands on the SNES version a year or two ago.

I don't like the music nearly as much (The NES theme and intro is classic, the presentation seems worse in the SNES version), Wario doesn't threaten you constantly, and obviously his "Feel the Wrath of Wario!" quote is absent. Being able to move the diamonds, and the inclusion of breakfasts are rather interesting. What's more interesting is the NES version came after the SNES, so they deliberately made the diamonds immobile and got rid of breakfasts.

The cool boss fights from the NES version aren't present, but a whole bunch of neat enemy characters battle you, each with their own artwork, intro speech, and gameplay sprite. It sucks though, that despite having all those character sprites, they aren't playable (Only the computer may play as Wario in Wario's Woods. X_X).

Wario's Woods is an awesome game. It introduced me to Wario for one thing, playing as a character instead of a cursor was unique, and overall it's fun to play.



Kolma said:

Wii Shop Release Date:
19th Nov 2006, 500 points (USA)
8th Dec 2006, 500 points (UK/EU)
12th Dec 2006, 500 points (JPN)
3DS eShop Release Date:
29th May 2013, ¥500 (JPN)
25th Oct 2013, £3.59/€3.99 (UK/EU)
7th Nov 2013, $500.00 (USA)
Wii U eShop Release Date:
7th Nov 2013, $500.00 (USA)

$500 seems a tad much for this game, think I'll skip for now~

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