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Tee off with Mario (and Luigi, too, in two-player mode) in this classic sporting simulation from 1992.

In NES Open Tournament Golf, choose from three international courses – UK, US and Japan – and three different game types – Stroke Play, Match Play and Tournament.

Set up your shot on the overhead map screen by choosing the correct club and adjusting for wind speed and direction, then switch to the action screen and make your shot using careful timing.

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Robert Hughes

Par for the course

If there's one specific niche of which there is no longer any shortage, it's sports titles featuring Mario. The iconic plumber's unlikely prowess at just about any athletic challenge is now extensively and frequently documented, with the likes of Mario...

Game Review

3DS eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Retro golf gaming at its finest

While the eShop already has Golf for the Game Boy available, anyone who purchased that game may now start to wish they had saved their money. NES Open Tournament Golf is a superior experience in every way. Perhaps not substantially so, but it's certainly...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

Tee off with Mario in this classic sporting simulation from 1992.

Mario is no stranger to appearing in sports game crossovers these days; he’s virtually done it all now from baseball to soccer. This sporting career began of course with his appearance in NES Open Tournament Golf, which is something of a sequel to the...

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User Comments (20)



nypad5 said:

This is an under-rated game for its time. It has 3 wonderful levels and its golf at its finest for the time. If you have ever played mario golf for the game boy color...its kina the same thing. I highly recomend this for a download



Drake said:

Still have the original cartridge - picked it up a view years ago complete with the box and manual for like 5 euros. It's pretty much the first Mario Golf game, although it comes nowhere near the awesomeness Mario Golf for the N64 just oozes.



Drake said:

Any other games NGamer has listed as available that aren't? This game's coming tonight, so if they have more games like this then that may mean they're coming soon as well.



RoninDennis said:

I never knew Peach had such a sexy twin! I can see it now, after a hard day's golf Mario and Luigi are chillin' at the club with a bottle of chianti, and two hot Peaches at their disposal. C'mere, bebbe! Five star game!



DK said:

It's also $45 cheaper then the newer golf titles!



SKTTR said:

I wonder why Nintendo hasn't started with the classic "Golf" first.
Instead they come with this. It's the best NES-golf I've ever played.
And it's the predecessor of Mario Golf! It's addictive and every golf fan should get it.

I think 3 stars isn't fair because it's the best Golf game on the NES.
Maybe there have been better ones, but I don't know.

4.5 stars is what it deserves because it has much variety in courses, different modes, great classic golf-gameplay, a nice soundtrack and good graphics.



Bass_X0 said:

That is true. May as well stick with Wii Sports Golf. Much more entertaining.

__Jade Louise


Jade Louise said:

Loads of old games hold up today with the expection of sports games(bar World Series Baseball II on the Saturn which has not been better for me in terms of pick up and play) which in general are far better today. Get Minna No Golf 5(Everybody's Golf 5 for Europeans, Hot Shots Golf 5 for North American people) for the PS3 for the best golf game out there. If you have no PS3 then Tiger Woods 08 on the wii is out this month, plus you could also get the excellent Mario Golf for the Gamecube.



learn_japanese_ds said:

it has got to difficult to recommend any golf game for NES, especially when everyone with a Wii already has Wii Sports.



Adamant said:

@SKTTR: "I wonder why Nintendo hasn't started with the classic "Golf" first."

Probably because even they realise that "Golf" is so ass no one would ever consider buying it.



Ricardo91 said:

The original "Golf" was the most boring piece of ... ever in the history of generically-named NES sports games . It's even worse than Baseball XP.



LordJamak said:

This was the best of all the hit-the-button-3-times style of golf games. Nintendo's original Golf was lame as hell and a few other titles Like Jack Niklaus or whatever it was just didn't cut it. This had replay value aplenty with stroke, match, betting on holes, rankings, and prize money.

I played this for hours and hours with my grandfather on the NES. Now I have it on an emulator, but it just might be worth the money to get it again. If you like golf games, get it!!!



Capt_N said:

Pretty decent game, but I don't like the hitting system, unlike Toadstool Tour for the 'Cube.



brianvgplayer said:

I hope Mario Open Golf comes to the US/EU VC. It's the Japanese counterpart of NES Open, but it has some differences. No tournament mode, but it has more courses and different music. Telling from screens, it looks like NES Remix 2 Wii U is using Mario Open rather than NES Open.

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