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In a world where music is language, an evil warlord imprisons the queen and steals all the musical instruments.

The heroic Milon mounts a rescue mission, armed with only magic bubbles to help him reveal hidden items and to defeat enemies. This cult platform classic is packed with music references. Look out for music boxes that transport Milon to a bonus stage where you must collect notes to turn them into cash.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A secret best kept hidden

Hudson had many classics in its NES library - Adventure Island, Faxanadu and Bomberman are just a few of the great titles it gave us all back then. Milon's Secret Castle probably shouldn't be counted among those. As the title might reveal, you play as...

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Posted by Damien McFerran

A musty old place

Milon’s Secret Castle is one of those games you’ve never heard of, but when you do finally acknowledge its presence you realize that it inexplicably has an enormous following. A minor classic in the Hudson library, Milon was originally published in...

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User Comments (31)



Derrick said:

I really enjoyed this game as a 12 year old kid. It had a certain charm to it and since it had no battery or password system, I left my NES on for a month to solve it. It is ridiculously difficult though and only the best can complete it. Definitely worth the $5 to check it out though.



Cowmansr said:

Why were so many old games built to be nearly impossible to beat? I never saw the fun in playing through a battle 100 times before beating it. A couple times, okay, but some games are just sadistic...




I'm confused by the review. This is a very solid game for it's generation. IMHO, it's far better then the review suggests. It also isn't nearly as hard as suggested.

For $5/$6 it isn't bad at all. Certainly one of the best VC games considering most of the garbage that has come out.

There are secrets, challenging game play, items to save and buy, and riddles/tips that must be solved to figure out what to do next.

Odd yes, but I recommend it if you can see past the dated graphics.



dualj said:

Hmmm... I really liked this game. There is an abundance of secrets to be found. The only prolbem I have is the well stage. After the boss, its like impossible to get out it seems.



Ben said:

The reason so many of these older games are so hard is to mask the fact that the limited amount of space makes it so they can't have a huge amount of levels. It stretches out play time.

__Nick Taylor


Nick Taylor said:

This game was amazingly awesome - I already downloaded it. It's so hard, but that's what makes it so great.

And it's even better since I don't have to leave my NES on anymore!



SKTTR said:

if you put a bit more time into it, you will begin to solve many of the puzzles in this secret castle. it has it's very good parts but it is annoyingly difficult in BOTH action AND adventure elements. only the hardcores can get through this.



Adamant said:

Yeah, this is a nice little game if you're willing to invest some time into it. You have only one life, and no continues, so you're required to play through the early stages of the game plenty of times. Once you reach the third floor, however, you'll have easy access to both a cheap life refill shop and an infinite source of money, which makes it possible to make a hasty retreat and restock energy when you start to run out, and as the bosses all are variants on one another, once you get the strategy down (and with all the times you'll have to kill the early ones, you'll pick it up) they fall easily enough. The manual (operator's guide) lists all items in the game in the general order you get them, which helps tremendously in hinting towards which items could come in handy at the time (hint: once you reach a floor, get as many items you can before taking on any bosses. They help), and once you learn the layout of rooms, you can zoom through in no time, picking up what is needed, before starting to explore unknown areas.
The game does kill you pretty often, and some of the puzzles are a bit obscure (the wizard's hints help. Listen to them), but the game is, honestly, not that hard to beat. It's easier than Zelda 2, and than game required repeating the same areas over and over to a certain extent as well (god damn you Death Mountain).



Darin said:

What! You didn't like this? From the day I got a Wii and HOPED and begged on message board for this to be released. I am so happy it has been. I loved this a child. Saddly now I can't even got pass the frist two doors. However I downloaded it yesterday and for the first time in YEARS I staied up almost all night playing a video game like when I was a kid! I LOVE THIS GAME!!



Dazza said:

lol glad you liked it Darin, the rose tinted specs must help a bit to see the fun in this otherwise irksome game



roovis said:

I seem to remember that this game actually mentioned in the instructions that having an NES advantage helps. I believe the developers actually designed this game for use with rapid-fire controllers in mind.

I did play this, and I do recall getting past the well, and I believe I was very close to the end boss ... but I don't think I ever beat it. It is definitely for hardcore gamers, and the challenge is there... I may revisit this one ...

__Kiko Rex


Kiko Rex said:

Like others here, I disagree with this review. Terrible graphics and annoying music? No way! I must confess to having hated this game as a child; it is pretty hard and quite confusing, but having relived it on virtual console I've gained a new appreciation for it. I say give it a try, pals!



Eric42 said:

Terrible graphics? yeah, pretty much. Terrible controls? Not quite terrible quality, but close, I'll give that. But this game, one you let yourself get passed those flaws can be quite fun and engaging. I loved it as a child and even beat it. Playing it today does make the game feel extremely dated, but it's not that bad. Not five star quality, more like three and a half but since there is no halves in the rating scale, I'm going for three.



Dronicus said:

Yeah, when I remember this game, I remember it with the Slow feature of the NES Advantage eternally on. I got a USB adapter to play my old Advantage on PC (still works!), wonder if there's a way to get it to work with the virtual console...



StarSoldier1 said:

I liked this game too. It was so hard but each time me and my friend played it we got a little bit further. Very addictive.



DJ_Triforce said:

I just bought it today, and played it for the first time. I love it so far, haha, even though I can't really figure it out. It just has a classic feel to it. And how can you go wrong with a game about the fight between good and evil... awesome.



Ferret75 said:

The controls are good and the game is fun, but the "having to shoot stuff in EVERY SINGLE DIRECTION YOU CAN FIND" is crazy.



NoCashGMBob said:

I gave this one 4 stars, even though I never played it until the early 90's on a buddies NES, and even then , I never 'got' it, and disliked it.
So why 4 stars? it has charm, and that special something that keeps me wanting to play it again, to give it another go. Any game that can keep me wanting to pick up the controller is deserving of at least another star. Was going to give it 3 (Just cause I never got it, it was after all a good game) but based on the above though process, I say 4 stars, in fact now I wanna play it again



Turbo_Genesis_64 said:

I think this has one of the best cover arts of its era. So mysterous looking even though the game really isn't that creepy. Plus, I liked how all the old Hudson games were labled like "Over 3/4 Million Sold in Japan."



WiiFreedom said:

Besides It feels like Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, because in that game you have to throw holy water to find secrets and hidden drops. And in Milon's Secret Castle its the same way, but in bubbles.



TheKachoMan said:

I am getting it today after seeing Arion play it on Retro Game Challenge (youtube it). It looks fun and should be a 6-7. Reviewers seem to have trouble understanding the value of a game to all who may play it. The score should not be solely based on their biased opinion. I will never play Grand Theft Auto but does that mean the game is a 3 out of 10...heck no!



nesdude136 said:

i hate this game...but if you like adventure games i suggest castlevania 1 or 3,ledend of zelda and final fantasy



sabata414 said:

I got this game and an NES in the mid 2000s before the 2010s when everything really piddled out having to deal with Milon. I didn't really start playing it that much until around the end of the decade, I'd tried it before at my friend's house (he was the one who gave me the NES, and the game by the way) and thought it was difficult. I grew frustrated with trying to beat the game and i couldn't even get past the first part! As i got older, i saw it in my games, and started to play it again, i again grew frustrated with it, and seeing as i had the Internet to help me, i began looking online for hints on what to do and where to go, I quickly found a quick overview of how to beat the first area but unfortunately that's all i could read because i was in school and they really didn't like you looking up gaming information. AT ALL. So i managed to make it to the well area. and shortly after, i decided that my NES and all of the games and things i had were taking up space, so i decided to sell everything, but if i ever decide to get a Wii for myself when i am out on my own (currently living with parents, kinda sucks), i'm defininitely buying the game on VC, It was a nice challenge and i enjoyed playing it. Currently i can play it on an emulator i own, but i liked the real experience better. This is my opinion on Milon's Secret Castle.



grumblegrumble said:

This was one of those games that I got as a kid from our local VHS Movie Rental store, I lost it, forgot to return it years later once I found it, so my original NES copy still has "Blockbuster Video Game Rental" on the side of it. LOL. That was like over 20+ years ago. I know that my parents probably paid a fortune since I lost it (to Blockbuster to replace it) but I still own this, still play it occasionally, and I have to say its definitely a fun game if you stick with it. B- for me!

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