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Sun 1st Feb 2009

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NoCashGMBob commented on Spelunker:

Wow. Don't like this one at all.. IT's badly done in so many ways.



NoCashGMBob commented on Milon's Secret Castle:

I gave this one 4 stars, even though I never played it until the early 90's on a buddies NES, and even then , I never 'got' it, and disliked it.
So why 4 stars? it has charm, and that special something that keeps me wanting to play it again, to give it another go. Any game that can keep me wanting to pick up the controller is deserving of at least another star. Was going to give it 3 (Just cause I never got it, it was after all a good game) but based on the above though process, I say 4 stars, in fact now I wanna play it again



NoCashGMBob commented on Metroid:

This game is the BEST! I remember having dreams playing this when it came out, I would be stuck somewhere, and I would have a dream about bombing this wall, then I'd wake up and before the cobwebs could clear, was sure I had found the secret. Yeah, it IS hard, but that's how gaming used to be, hands weren't held, and asses weren't kissed. People actually complained that the original Zelda was too hard too for similar reasons. This game does not tell, or even hint where or what you need to do next, it is the truest expression of adventure/exploration/action games out there.

Seriously, you land on an alien planet to investigate, wow, could it be? You mean you actually have to think? you need to actually figure out the mystery .. get this.. yourself?? freaky.

5 1/2 Stars. Epic. If you are not at least, oh, say 24 years of age, you may NEVER get it, as you grew up with the SNES or possibly even the N64, which is where the handholding began then flourished IMHO. Not an insult, just an opinion, and we all know the saying about opinions

Wormaster@:"what it comes down to you cannot recommend this to anyone who hasn't played it before. It is hard and without any kind of map you are gonna wonder around for two hours and quit." ... Point made I hope (no disrespect Wormaster).



NoCashGMBob commented on ActRaiser:

One of the more bizarre mixes in gaming, but man, it sure does work!!



NoCashGMBob commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

Problems aside, I still think Ima give this game a go.It's better than pulling out the C64, and hella more convenient.



NoCashGMBob commented on Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II:

I LOVED the original StarTropics, and I'm gonna be trying this out pronto. I remember checking this out for emu, but I reformatted right after DL'n, and never got back to it. Looks great though, and I have some spare Wii Points, StarTropics, and rosy pink nostalgia, here I come!!