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Sun 6th Jan 2013

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sabata414 commented on Milon's Secret Castle:

I got this game and an NES in the mid 2000s before the 2010s when everything really piddled out having to deal with Milon. I didn't really start playing it that much until around the end of the decade, I'd tried it before at my friend's house (he was the one who gave me the NES, and the game by the way) and thought it was difficult. I grew frustrated with trying to beat the game and i couldn't even get past the first part! As i got older, i saw it in my games, and started to play it again, i again grew frustrated with it, and seeing as i had the Internet to help me, i began looking online for hints on what to do and where to go, I quickly found a quick overview of how to beat the first area but unfortunately that's all i could read because i was in school and they really didn't like you looking up gaming information. AT ALL. So i managed to make it to the well area. and shortly after, i decided that my NES and all of the games and things i had were taking up space, so i decided to sell everything, but if i ever decide to get a Wii for myself when i am out on my own (currently living with parents, kinda sucks), i'm defininitely buying the game on VC, It was a nice challenge and i enjoyed playing it. Currently i can play it on an emulator i own, but i liked the real experience better. This is my opinion on Milon's Secret Castle.