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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Malaka commented on Castlevania: The Nintendo Years:

(1º sorry for my english)Castlevania is one of more longer sagas in the video games history, whit multiple "exlusives" releases for many games sistem. Remember. When you played Nes version, in japan got a lot of titles for MSX and other p.computers (as "chronicles" reedited for psx), when you cant belibed the grafics of castlevania IV for snes, a version for gnesis (called "New generation" in europe) was awesome of that, inclulle especial movies and 2 or 3 character select.
What about Pc egnie cd version? was one of greates castlevanias of all time.
The only period exlusive for Nintendo was during the 64 era, whit the 2 first 3d game versions, and there are not good.
Think in the present, Xbox, playstation 2, psp, nds, gba versions....NEVER YOU WILL PLAY THE COMPLET SAGA WHIT YOUR WII. but, let us play whit Pcegnie version, genesis and satur in the virtual console?
I wish it..



Malaka commented on Art of Fighting:

When I think in a clasics bet´n up, Art of Fig. is one of the beast. a great game in his time and now a day. beter than street fig. II trubo.

...only a opinion

Lain......La red es amplia y basta... dejate absorber...ven con nosotros.....