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Space Harrier II (MD / Mega Drive)

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Fantasyland has been taken over by destructive forces, and a call for help comes from deep in the universe.

Space Harrier is quick on the scene, armed with his laser, to defeat wave after wave of destructive forces through 12 thrilling stages, with a dangerous boss waiting at the end of each round.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Fantasyland has been taken over by destructive forces, and a call for help comes from deep in the universe.

I'm sure most 80's gamers can recall their first brush with the arcade Space Harrier - it was like looking into the future. The silky-smooth sprite scaling coupled with the excellent sound and futuristic feel made this an instant coin-op classic.The game...

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Mendez said:

I remember really liking this on megadrive when I was young - despite what you people up there say
I'm not sure if it's worth the download though, I just got myself 5000 points but I want to make them last!



locke said:

Having played the original on the Master System, I wasn't even aware of a sequel until it was offered up on the VC recently. Space Harrier 2 is worth downloading if you loved the original, though the graphics, score, and that infamous scaling effect seem to have, strangely enough, lost some of their glory in the translation to a console with higher capabilities.

__Anthony Cromartie


Anthony Cromartie said:

Ah! Good ol' Space Harrier-definitely reccomended. I have to strongly disagree with your review, Space Harrier's one of my fave arcade games of all time, and def. fave oldschool shooter.



deggs said:

i remember finding the genesis version for ike $18 not long after it was released. It was fun yet super repetitive. Still, a great game even if didn't really add much to the original other than better graphics. the fact that each level is basically the same but with different colors kinda reminds me of old c64 games...



Mendez said:

I'm considering downloading, dunno why though. I just love it for some reason!



DEMON212 said:

If you like SH 1, then avoid this game at all costs. I hate this game and wish that id never existed, because I wasted 800 points thinking "COOL, A SPACE HARRIER SEQUEL!!!!".



Mendez said:

If the first was better why didn't they just put that on? I've never played that before...



Praadur said:

I wish they'd gone with the original too, this "sequel" or "pile of palid pap" (whichever label fits your preference) really isn't worth the time of day.

I think I'll be a bit of a black sheep though and say that compared to this, I'd even have preferred to see the Master System version of the original Space Harrier. At least that way, we'd all get some entertainment out of it, what with younger gamers seeing the "Smiley Face Cannon" for the first time and all.



Matthew said:

I really like this game, although I haven't played the VC version. The music is interesting, the monsters are cool. Yes, it's a 1st gen Mega Drive game (4 megabit, 1988, before Sonic), and was probably rushed into production, but it's solid Space Harrier action nonetheless, and in some ways improves upon the original, at least in concept (remember the arcade version had TWO 68000 processors).



President_Leever said:

Whoa, harsh score. This game is actually pretty fun and the gfx have that drug induced charm of early Sega games (fantasy zone era) . The original arcade game is way better though.



CJ1 said:

Relatively speaking, there is no doubt that this is a poor shoot-em-up...

But this is one of those 'special childhood games' to me. And limitations aside, it's still enjoyable. Great quick fix gaming.



Outrunner said:

I love this game! I respect your opinion but I also disagree. 4 stars from me. I just love old skool Sega.



Omega said:

This was one of the first Mega Drive Games and there was never an arcade version. And there are not many differences from the first Space Harrier.

I love this game. It is a (Pseudo-)3D-Shooter with really great colourful and fanciful graphics. Like said in the review "it was like looking into the future". Whee.

The red clad hero races with his laser cannon on futuristic landscapes. His ultimate goal is to avoid all what comes forward and shoot the many enemies. At the end of each Level (I think there are 12) a special Boss enemy waits which looks awesome. Okay, it is a simple gameplay and not so varied but coupled with the great graphics and futuristic atmosphere it is really funny to "Get Ready" and take off with your jetpack for a while.

And it has an acceptable degree of difficulty. I think I even played through the whole game although I'm not so good at SHMUPS and this kind of games. At least with the difficulty setting on "easy".

The only real drawback may be the lack of long term motivation. After a couple of hours (maybe days if you are not playing for very long) and several tries you are done with this game. But it is worth playing it. I also wonder about the very disapproving review. This was SEGA greatness and how I like it to remember.

I think there are at least 3 stars it deserves. I give it 3 (in recognition of the "good old days").



Hilanderous said:

I was just watching the video and spotted this; at Zero Polis which starts at 4:55, the enemies are Dom mobile suits from Gundam. Why are they in there?



deggs said:

yeah, i feel that everyone's a tad hard on this gem. it's not perfect by any means but i like it just because it reminds me so much of being a kid again...



Corbs said:

I still get a kick out of this game, even all these years later. Got this for my 19th birthday and loved every second of it.



AlexSays said:

So we've discovered Corbie is about 42, give or take a year or two.


Oh I was looking at Space Harrier, and not it's sequel.
So I would've been a little closer.

Doesn't matter, you'll get there soon enough.

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