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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Locke commented on US VC Releases - 3rd December - Eternal Champions:

I'll agree with Ben and Ed; I'd like to see a Final Fantasy installment or something which holds a little more significance in the history of one of the VC consoles. Ever since the first VC titles dropped, I've felt Nintendo has a bad habit of showering its customers with lackluster games and sprinkling in a classic title every now and again. I understand they don't want to keep all their eggs in one basket or whatever, or kill the interest in the VC by making all the must have titles available too soon, but I feel they are leaning on the side of dropping a lot more mediocre titles than worthwhile ones. However, VC sales are soaring so I guess the uneven proportion of good to whack games isn't dissuading people from buying, but it may start to weigh on people as time goes on; I know I'm beginning to get frustrated. I mean, I had to wait one year for Super Mario Bros. 3! What's up with that? Anywho, I gotta defend Pokemon Snap, which is actually one of the better N64 titles; I mean, I wouldn't have believed it myself before sitting down with it, but it kicks ass for real. One.



Locke commented on Mario Bros.:

Isn't worth the points, but the multiplayer is killer, just ridiculous. Play it in SMB3.



Locke commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - November 2007:

I notice that no one mentioned their uncontainable enthusiasm regarding the release of Tetris Attack. C'mon, ya'll, Eff a N64 game, this is TETRIS ATTACK! I've been waiting since the day I bought my Wii.



Locke commented on Altered Beast:

This game is getting abused and needs some tender love and care (2 Stars!?). When I was a kid, there was nothing that I wanted to do more than collect magical orbs and transform into assorted wild beasts, and when I first played Altered Beast, I knew true love. Time has not been as good to this title as my memory has, but If you loved it back then, its worth the points. Mabye not a timeless classic, but a classic title for sure.