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Easy to play, hard to master: Shadow Dancer is the sequel to the original Shinobi arcade game and is one of the only games in the Shinobi series to feature true arcade-style gameplay.

You play as Joe Musashi, a ninja master, known only to his enemies as “The Shinobi”. This battle is not one Musashi must fight alone, as this is the first game in the Shinobi series to feature Musashi's ninja attack dog, Yamato, who will charge at foes on command and leave them open to attack. Use your mastery of ancient ninja techniques to topple the Neo Zeed crime syndicate and free the hostages in New York City.

Good luck, and may the ninja spirits guide you in your journey!

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Shinobi Joe is back, and this time he’s brought his dog

Shadow Dancer started out life in 1989 in the arcades as the sequel to the ever-popular Shinobi, which was a sizable hit for creator Sega. In the same year the company also released the rather excellent Revenge of Shinobi as an early title for the...

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User Comments (31)



Jeremy said:

This is a great one - it's rather short but it's a hard game, so it may take a while to beat. Played this on the Sega Genesis Collection and I'd say it's worth the 800 points. But if you have a PS2, just buy the SGC and forget about downloading this on the VC when it comes out.

Now, if Revenge of Shinobi comes out, that game wasn't on the SGC, so I'll buy that in a heartbeat.



William said:

Ohhh, 1997, how futheristic, everything will be made out of tin foil, we will have flying cars and robots!

__Jade Louise


Jade Louise said:

The European PS2 version of the Sega Mega Drive Collection does NOT contain sadly this game. European PSP owners can import the US PSP version of course which does include the game.



Ian_Daemon said:

I still remember coming home from the toy store after buying this game (when it first came out). Shadow Dancer is awesome. This is easily my favorite Shinobi game...



sam said:

I played this heaps on the Master System 2. The graphics look way better on the mega drive. If you like Shinobi, you will like this game. I will definitely be downloading it.



Ashdude said:

This game dominated my spare time in 1992! Back then, those graphics were phenomenal and the gameplay was as tight as you could make it - think "Devil May Cry 4" of the 16-bit era. I can't wait till it gets released state side.



CanisWolfred said:

^Oh yeah, I played that one, it was pretty good. I never played this though, but that video looked so cool! Who ever did it rocked! I'm planning on getting the Genesis Collection, and this is the first game I'm playing! Heck, maybe when this is released I'll download it then, because the Gamecube Controller always felt more like a Genesis controller than the PS2's(and PSP).

Man, I love anything that has to do with Ninjas(actually, I have my limits, but at least it gets my attention)! Thinking about this is making me want to go to Gamestop right now. Maybe while I'm there, I'll pick up the PS2 Shinobi and Ninja Five-O.

Edit:Wow, thought I wrote a lot more here. Must have been edited or something, since most of it was off topic anyways(about my new avatar, it was an interesting story too). Actually I was just here to remove that crud, after I copied and printed it, but someone beat me to the punch.



CanisWolfred said:

I just realized, this game was released in Japan years ago, if they haven't released it worldwide by now, I don't think they're ever going to.



The_Fox said:

Man, it'd be great to see this one come here. It gets a nod from me just due to the fact that you can sic your dog on enemies.



Corbs said:

I love all of the Shinobi games. Although I consider Shadow Dancer to be my least favorite of the series, it's still a great game.



Matt123 said:

It's okay, I mean it's not like 2 or 3

But it still has that Shinobi spirit

So I'll look foward to this one.



Shadow Dancer is cool. I never owned the original cart, but I've got it on Sega Genesis Collection.



Iapetus said:

This game is pretty fun. It feels like a good sequel to the original Shinobi arcade and plays as such. If you are a fan of Rolling Thunder this will be right up your alley.



StarBoy91 said:

Truly underrated, this game is. Challenging, sure, but it's very fun. Who cares if it was an altered version of the arcade game, as long as it's enjoyable? My second favorite Shinobi title, after Shinobi III (first).
When will this hit the VC? Japan's had it for two and three-quarter years, and it's available on the NTSC and JP versions of Sega Genesis Collection. Fun game.



barneygumble said:

This game hat a really terrible Coverartwork in US and Europe. JAP Boxartwork looks great
Definitly worth the 800 points !



cheetahman91 said:

This was unexpected. Looks like we know what NA's next Genesis game is going to be after we get Shanghai II.



NeoShinobi said:

Awesome game. Not quite as good as The Revenge of Shinobi or Shinobi III, but still worth it.

Game had a pretty kick ass soundtrack too.

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