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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jeremy commented on Golden Axe II:

I've got this on the Sega Genesis Collection. I think it's tied with the original, with GA3 on top. All three are great fun though. If you don't have a PS2 I'd recommend this, otherwise, just get the Sega Genesis Collection! 28 games for 20 bucks, that's roughly 70 cents a game instead of 8 bucks a game on the VC.



Jeremy commented on US VC Releases - 23rd April - Gradius 3:

Why all the complaining? We have a solid puzzle/platformer that is worthy of everyone's purchase (Battle Lode Runner is really good), a good enough space shooter, and a great platforming game. There is no need to be complaining! No matter how you go today you get a good purchase. It's reasonable to complain about Romance of the Three Kingdoms week, or Baseball and Urban Champion week, or even two weeks ago with Alex Kidd, Galaga and Bravoman. Just because we didn't get one of the most known games out there doesn't mean the games we got aren't good. As much as I want Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Kirby Super Star (lots of good Super games...) I also enjoy playing games I have never played before. So open up! The Super Nintendo wasn't the only good video game system in history.



Jeremy commented on Battle Lode Runner:

I'd rather get the original Lode Runner if it's going to come out for the C64 VC... do you think that one will come out? If not, I'll just get this.



Jeremy commented on Shining Force:

YES! This is THE best game on the Sega Genesis. This game is the best turn-based RPG out there. I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT!

Forget the sequels, they're good but I've always thought this one is better.



Jeremy commented on US VC Releases - 2nd April - Star Fox 64:

People don't want TMNT? It's not very good IMO but people are crazy about it. The GameFAQs Wii Channels board was amuck with "OMG WE ONLY GOT ROTTK AND NO TMNT" last week.

The reason is because of licensing I assume. If Goldeneye ever appears on the VC, they'll probably bump the price to 1200+ points.



Jeremy commented on US VC Releases - 2nd April - Star Fox 64:

Praise the Lord! Nintendo has finally not let drugs influence their VC choices for the USA. It's not exactly my most exciting week as I've already beaten SF64 back in the day. My N64 doesn't work anymore, but I have to say I'd rather buy games that are either the best ever or that I haven't already played.

Still though, I know my friend (or as we call him, SF64 boy) will be happy today at school. And we all get the fuzzy feeling that we're cared about for the first time in a while. HUZZAH! So next week, we're going to start catching up on a lot of good games Europe has, right Nintendo?



Jeremy commented on Ice Hockey:

This is an excellent Hockey game. It has a sharp learning curve too, at first you'll be like "gaaaaaah whats going on" but you learn fast. My friend and I played this for two hours from 1 to 3 in the morning, and only at 3 did we realize, "wait, we're playing freaking Ice Hockey for the NES. What are we doing?" But as much as we thought we were playing a dated game, we couldn't bring ourselves to push the Home button on the Wii to go play something else. This truly stands out among the other, mediocre sports titles, and I strongly suggest you download it. It's a great way to let off steam after being frustrated by games like Kid Icarus, and only gets more fun in 2-player. 4 stars definitely, 4 1/2 if you allow fractions.



Jeremy commented on US VC Releases - 26th March - RoTK IV:

Nintendo, you crazy? You've got a free million dollars waiting for you if you just release SMRPG or SF64. What is this? This is a piece of crap. Come on Nintendo, I know you dislike releasing a bunch of good games at once, but when did the last truly good game come out? Last week was average, but we've just been getting crap. Give us a game that people care about. I'm not sure about the quality of RotTK but if only ONE VC game is coming out it had better well be as good as LttP.



Jeremy commented on Super Star Soldier:

It's a good game, but I wouldn't suggest it - Soldier Blade and both R-Types are far superior. This game just feels empty compared to those.



Jeremy commented on Excitebike:

Not buying because it's on Animal Crossing, but this game is worth a buy if you don't have AC - it's very fun and lasts longer than a lot of other NES games.



Jeremy commented on Splatterhouse:

Great game! Very cartoony and doesn't really feel like a horror game anymore but it is still very fun, I recommend it to everyone!



Jeremy commented on Sonic Spinball:

2 stars? This game is a very good pinball sim! Much like virtually any Sonic game I would advise you to grab the Sonic Mega Collection instead for 15 to 20 dollars rather than buy each one individually for eight bucks, but this is a solid pinball sim with large creative levels.