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Rolling Thunder 2 (MD / Mega Drive)

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In this follow-up to the original classic, you are once again a member of Interpol's Rolling Thunder task force, and it's up to you to stop the return of the evil Geldra organisation. Now known as Neo-Geldra, and led by a newcomer named Gimdo, the bad guys are bent on destroying several valuable outer space satellites.

In this one or two player game you can play as Leila or Albatross - both characters from the original - as you venture through several different levels trying to put a stop to the nefarious efforts of Gimdo and the rest of Neo-Geldra. Use your bullets wisely and make the Rolling Thunder proud!

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Posted by Darren Calvert

In this follow-up to the original classic, you are once again a member of Interpol's Rolling Thunder task force.

Rolling Thunder 2 is a conversion of Namco’s 1990 sequel to its original James Bond themed Shinobi-like game. The Megadrive home version is faithful to the arcade original in terms of gameplay and features a few improvements, including cut scenes...

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User Comments (22)

__Son Of Welcome


Son Of Welcome said:

I see what you meant when you wrote that it "plays nothing like Probotector or anything else in the Schmup genre."



TheNintendoBoy said:

Fun 2-player action with 8-bit mechanics and average graphics. The cutscenes are a nice touch, sometimes very funny

But the soundtrack won't impress unless you happen to love jazz fusion and old james bond music.



Daniel said:

Great game

You have it put as only being one player but in the gameplay video it said 2 player



ruroremy said:

After watching the video... Is this game exactly the same as Sunset Riders on the SNES?



morphballer said:

Before I had ever seen Rolling Thunder, Super Ranger(?) was one of my favorite games back when I was first getting into videogames. It plays the exact same way as RT except the graphics and characters look much different. I remember playing the original in the arcade (though not getting very far). I may download this when it comes stateside.



me said:

the way I think of it is it is almost kinda like a 2d gears of war because u have to use cover it is alot of fun and I think it is wrth it PS. I still got this on my genisis



Shaun said:

Anyone else play Code Name: Viper for NES? From RT2's video, it seems the game play is VERY similar. Of course, I loved Code Name: Viper, so i'll probably give this a try eventually.



tad said:

Code Name: Viper was awesome--and yes, this looks very similar. I might have to download this for comparison.



Mad_Bomber said:

This game is damn-fun. Challenging but I just keep coming back.
I can't believe I never played this game on my Genesis. I can't wait until they release Rolling Thunder 3.

The graphics are a bit dated and some of the levels can feel a bit bland. The controls are decent but are obviously born from the arcade. From the looks of some You Tube videos, Rolling Thunder 3 adds a lot more depth to the gameplay though it loses the 2 player. This isn't a perfect game, but it has that addictive quality that so many games lack.

Also, this game is a lot like Capcom's Code Name: Viper which I absolutely loved. In fact, I believe that Viper was a direct nock-off of the original Rolling Thunder. That doesn't make Viper any less of a great game though. I hope they put that out on the VC as well.



Villain said:

Downloaded this game, still loving it! Just like Mad Bomber said, it's damn-fun.

Yeah, Rolling Thunder 3 is gonna be something to wait for. It excels this game on every point except one. NO 2P SUPPORT, which SUCKS.

But this game's really sweet.



Mendez said:

Got this game yesterday, it's awesome!

Really glad I decided to take the risk and be adventurous for a change =D



Ricardo91 said:

This is a much better game than the original RT, which I played on various Namco Museums. It's easier (no more jumping fire people!), has more weapons, new enemies, a more sensible health meter, a co-op mode, and an occaisional boss fight! . a good 800-point investment in my opinion.

Gotta love that jazzy soundtrack!



Dazza said:

Yeah its quite similar to sunset riders, this is a lot harder though!



Corbs said:

Tough game but a lot of fun. I bought this at a garage sale many years ago and I still find myself dragging it out from time to time.



NeoShinobi said:

I have such fond memories playing this game with my friend on his Genesis. I've never played the first one, and I didn't even know there was a 3rd one until now.

This game is a true Genesis classic that never really got the recognition it deserved.

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