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Download the free Nintendo DSi Browser from the Nintendo DSi Shop and surf the Internet using your Nintendo DSi! With the Nintendo DSi Browser, you can check your e-mails, stay up to date with all the latest news and explore the web whenever a wireless Internet connection is available.

This version of the popular Opera browser is made specifically for Nintendo DSi systems, and uses both screens of the Nintendo DSi and its Touch Screen technology to offer a comfortable, speedy and straightforward surfing experience. You can navigate web pages with your stylus and enter text whenever the need arises by using the on-screen keyboard or built-in handwriting recognition.

Two alternative ways of viewing the web pages displayed means you can find the browsing method you’re most at home with. The default setting, Overview Mode, shows a zoomed-out overview of the page you’re browsing on the top screen of your Nintendo DSi, with a magnified view shown on the Touch Screen. Dragging and tapping your stylus on the Touch Screen lets you quickly and easily navigate through websites. You can also switch at any time between showing the zoomed-out overview on the top screen or the Touch Screen.

In Column Mode, all the content of the page you are viewing is compressed into a single column that extends across both of the handheld’s screens. This view can make it easier to read long texts - partially altering the original layout of the page to best suit your Nintendo DSi.

On top of the browser’s main functions, little touches add up to make the experience more seamless and intuitive. Drag the stylus over text to highlight it and easily use it as a search term, control everything from the Touch Screen or opt to use the +Control Pad for certain functions, and choose your preferred font size and search engine to suit your preferences. To help you get started, there’s a tutorial that will guide you through all the main features of the browser step-by-step.

Parents can block the use of the browser with the Parental Controls function of the Nintendo DSi. Additionally, the Nintendo DSi Browser also includes access to Astaro, a fee-based content filtering service.

Explore the world from the palm of your hand with the Nintendo DSi Browser.

  • Download the Nintendo DSi Browser for free from the Nintendo DSi Shop and surf the web from your Nintendo DSi.
  • Choose your preferred way of viewing the web and navigate pages using your stylus on the Touch Screen.
  • Get started with a step-by-step tutorial and tweak your preferences to create a browsing experience suited to you.
  • Use the Parental Control function of Nintendo DSi to limit access to the browser.

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Posted by Adam

Almost three years after the release of the original Opera Browser for the Nintendo DS, does this new iteration meet expectations or are we once again plagued with loading times from a decade long past?

The Nintendo DS Browser was released around three years ago on October 6th 2006 for the Nintendo DS and the then newly released Nintendo DS Lite. The release garnered a great deal of hype - after all it was the first application of it's kind for the...

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User Comments (24)



StarDust4Ever said:

No, youtube does not work The browser is pretty slow (graphics take a while to load) but is still worlds better than trying to surf the internet on a cell phone. I am using it right now I also tested a couple of games on WiiCade; the flash games do load, however many of them are unplayable using the DSi controls (ex. keyboard/ Wiimote input is impossible)



thewiirocks said:

@StarDust - None of the Flash games load on WiiCade. WiiCade has deployed several Javascript games. (Currently 3 of the 7 featured games are Javascript-based.) Those are probably the games that you see working.

Note that there is now a DSiCade.com where DSi-compatible games are going to live.



Gogata said:

This works really great! Th only bad thing is the non-flash support. But the feature of going on MSN is cool! m.ebuddy.com



thaneds said:

soon we will be able to watch youtube.com... in 2020... we do have hatena.ugomemo.jp that works better than youtube... no deleted videos and copyrights...lol... loophole!!!



Vtor said:

The DSi browser is excellent.
First things to do when connected to internet on the DS - update the browser and download flipnote



videoqueen1000 said:

i have it, but it is a total waste. it is sooooooooooooooo slow, there is NO flash, and the screen control is really crappy. DO NOT GET IT. you have to sit in an uncomfortable position just to get the wireless connection to work, too. bummer.



Jampony said:

Flash is a processor and memory hog and requires a huge code library to run. You may have noticed it's not even on the iPhone? That's because even Steve Jobs believes it will bring down the performance of it's hardware.

Since it has trouble running on hardware that is 10 or 50 times more powerful than the DSi, what makes you all think it would be able to run it?



Marlonguppy said:

Wow, i've got it almost a year ago, and i used the DSi browser so much, i love it, even without flash (You can even play games OFFLINE if you know Javascript (Simply in the URL field: javascript:window.alert("Your code here!") ) It's great, speed is awesome for a small chip! 9/10
No, it doesn't. No flash blah blah blah? Then you must complain at Nintendo's hardware, not here.




I'm using the DSi web browser right now, to type this comment:) This browser is awesome!

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