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Party games for everyone!

Globulos Party will include 20 games: Arena, Football, Croquet, Tic-Tac, Darts, Funky Foot, Bomber, Rally, Volley, Sumo, Pinball, Pétanque, BomberKing, 4-Square, Snooker, Basket, DartsKing, Monster, Rugby and the Nintendo DSiWare™ version exclusive, Ice Hockey.

The games will be playable on 50 different playing fields overall. On each of them the player has to beat 3 different AI levels to finish the game (more than 12 hours without losing once!).

The game features also 3 multiplayer modes: the DS Download Play, the DS Wireless Play and even a "2 player hotseat" mode on the same Nintendo DSi™ system.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

Shoot glob at target. Repeat. Wipe hands on pants.

Since 2000, GlobZ has specialized in browser-based webgames, the most innovative of which being Globulos, an award-winning set of adorable multiplayer minigames pitting you against opponents from across the internets. As DSiWare, Globulos Party has...

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ballistikboy said:

I cannot wait for this!!! They just won an award for this game. ;-) Bring it on to dsiware guys...




brandonbwii said:

Usually less than impressed with minigame collections. Seeing as how this is an award winning and cheap download I will be keeping an eye on it.



Leshclen said:

You can actually unlock and play 72 different characters in the game, and the different arenas for minigames keeps them from getting redundant. Don't let it's appearance fool you though, it's more challenging than it looks. I've been playing it non-stop ever since I bought it, and for only 5 dollars you can't go wrong.

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