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Thu 22nd Oct 2009

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rayvin400 commented on Crazy Sudoku:

has anyone heard of Crossword puzzles.I've heard people like them. Picross....that's good too.



rayvin400 commented on Review: Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon (DS...:

Anyone else think that NIntendo's dsiware descriptons are a bit misleading at times? From their description I was expecting more tables and unlockable stuff. Also an actual online leaderboard thingy would have made they replay value of the game much higher. I played it for about an hour after downloading, but haven't touched it since. It lacks a point...or goals, I guess.



rayvin400 commented on Game & Watch Ball:

These games are a pass for me. Seems like a waste of time to make. Let's make an effort to release games people want to play, Nintendo.



rayvin400 commented on Sudoku 4Pockets:

I second that. I don't care about sudoku. How about crossword puzzles or Picross...