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  • News Flipnote Studio Celebrates Mario's 25th Anniversary

    Get animated

    What better way to pay tribute to the moustachioed man himself than with a bit of hand-drawn animation? That seems to be the thinking at Nintendo, as it's recently launched a new festival for Flipnote Studio asking artists to create animations based on the plucky plumber. To help out, Nintendo's even offering two audio samples that...


  • News Yep, Flipnote Studio Is One Way To Make a Music Video

    Arman Bohn's hundreds of animations culminate into one big bang of talent

    A quick trip over to Flipnote Hatena is all it takes to see just how fantastic the free DSiWare animation tool Flipnote Studio can be when in talented hands. But nobody seems to have taken it as far as musician Arman Bohn. Brain Games is the third song from his album Bits to get the music video treatment, and what's..


  • News Aardman Create Zelda Flipnote

    "Weatherman is last Aardman Flipnote" statement proves erroneous

    Contrary to our earlier reports that The Weatherman was Aardman's final Flipnote creation, we've just had word about this rather cool Zelda animation from those talented Brits. Obviously a neat way to promote the new Zelda: Spirit Tracks game, it's just as cute as the title itself and...

  • News Final Aardman Flipnote Hits DSi

    Last call for animation wizardry

    If you've got a DSi, you should really have Flipnote Studio, the brilliant (and free) flip-book animation program that lets you doodle away, add sound and then share your creation with the world. Whilst the efforts among Nintendo Life staff are far too crude to show to the public, master animators Aardman Animation of Wallace and Gromit fame put together a series of..


  • News Aardman Studios Teams With Nintendo For A Dozen Flipnotes

    The house that Wallace and Gromit built go DSi

    In a pretty smart marketing move on Nintendo's part, Oscar-winning animation house Aardman Animations is set to create twelve Flipnote Studio toons for the weeks leading up to Christmas. Tim Ruffle, one of Aardman's animators, will be the one behind the stylus. The first of these Flipnote shorts, "The Sandwich Twins," will premiere Wednesday,..


  • News Flipnote Petition Says "We Want Smash Bros. DS!"

    And not much more, to be honest...

    By now we've seen some of the amazing animations talented folk can come up with when left with a copy of Flipnote Studio (and possibly some alcohol), but that's not to say that everyone with the application is so interested in becoming the next Hayao Miyazaki. Flipnote user "Jacob" has started a one-page...

  • Competitions Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway Winners

    Check out the winners of the Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway.

    To coincide with the release of the painfully addictive Flipnote Studio on DSiWare, we teamed up with our good friends at Nintendo UK to offer lucky Nintendo Life readers the opportunity to win some great prizes. After carefully going through the very hefty amount of submissions for...

  • Competitions Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway

    Be in for a chance to win lots of Nintendo points courtesy of those kind folks at Nintendo UK

    The competition is now closed. We will announce the winner sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned!To coincide with the release of the painfully addictive Flipnote Studio on DSiWare, we've teamed up with our good friends at Nintendo UK to offer lucky Nintendo Life readers the opportunity to win some great prizes. To..

  • Nintendo Download Phantasy Star, Flipnote Studio, Sujin Taisen, Rattle Battle and Slot Car Racing (EU)

    2 DSiWare and WiiWare games, and one Virtual Console game.

    For the first time in quite a while, this week brings us two new DSiWare games. Today's other new releases aren't exactly surprising! For DSiWare, there's the previously announced Flipnote Studio, a nifty application which lets you draw your very own animations, which you can then fine-tune...

  • News Flipnote Studio available for download in North America NOW!

    Hatena launches Flipnote Studio website too...

    Many of our readers have eagerly been anticipating the release of Flipnote Studio for DSiWare. For those not in the know this is a FREE application that allows you to create your own notepad style animations and upload them for others to see on the web. The good news is for North American DSi owners is...

  • News Flipnote Studio Available This Friday

    If you live in Europe, of course.

    The wait is finally over - Nintendo has announced that this Friday, the long-awaited free DSiWare application Flipnote Studio will finally be made available in Europe. Japan has already had this app since 2008: in fact, it was one of the very first DSiWare releases they got. Since then, they've even had a major...