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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who can see monsters (called Neo-Seeds) and those who can't.

Neo-Seeds wield extraordinary power and battle using tamed monsters in grand tournaments. As a Neo-Seed who has just discovered his ability, you're about to set off on an amazing journey to collect more than 160 monsters and become the greatest Monster Breeder.

  • Explore a vast world, meet new friends and rivals, and engage in dynamic battles that require skill and strategy.
  • Master the nine elemental types, train your monsters through battle, teach them new moves, use team attacks and fuse them together to unlock their true potential.
  • You can even customize three of your favorite monsters by putting friends' faces on them using the built-in camera.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

You don't want these monsters in your pocket, but they're still fun to have around

It's usually clear within the first few minutes of playing a new Gameloft game which franchise it's been "inspired" by. Not breaking tradition, the same holds true here, with Gameloft's latest bearing a very strong resemblance to none other than...

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Zach said:

This could either be really good, really bad, just ok, mediocre, great, sort of good, average, good, perfect, unplayable, or decent.



jenisnape said:

Pokemon called...they want their game back...lol
But if this gets a good review I'll probably get it anyway



theswweet said:

yah, when will someone man up and try this thing out? if ik have to i can review it, seems like worth it for 5 bucks... and is that a triple battle? if anything, i will get this to get used to triple battles a bit till BW hit the stores



theblackdragon said:

@theswweet: it's not a matter of 'man[ning] up' at all. we lost a reviewer from the US team this week, so someone from the EU team is going to review this game. Please be patient.



iketchum18 said:

Alrighty, I downloaded this the day it came out (last Monday) and I can honestly say: download it or miss out on one of best Pokemon/Final Fantasy-esque games out there. The game is five bucks and only takes up 71 block on your memory but there's enough value and content here for Gameloft to make it a retail release. I was wary at first, I've been let down by Gameloft a little too much, but this is a gem. Imagine if you were to take a Pokemon game (already amazing on it's own) and you stuck in the blender with an old-school Final Fantasy game (such as FF3, extremely BA as well) then finally you take some elements from Digimon (the "fusing your monsters" thing), put it on the smoothie setting, and voila! You have Crystal Monters, a game that, honestly, in all it's simple charms, rivals Pokemon (if it were to come to retail) So yes, do yourself a favor, take it from a Pokemon/Final Fantasy fanatic and download it already, you will not, and cannot, be disappointed! 9.5/10



theblackdragon said:

@cheapo: lost from the team -- not dead, just gone from NL, lol. we're actually hiring reviewers now, hopefully someone will be able to take their place. :3

@Akirih: As already stated, someone from the EU downloads team will be reviewing this game. It's an RPG, and was only released this past Friday there. Please be patient, it's only Monday. :3

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