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Ever had a dream of owning you own bookstore? Now you can!

Bookstore Dream is a simulation game that allows you to manage your lovely bookstore. Get connected with publishers and put the best books on your shelf! Be sure to keep stocks at a good level when demands go up! If you do everything right you will become a well know brand in the community!

Management is not an easy task, you have to choose what books fit your store the best! Can you handle it? Create a good running bookstore and become rich!Want demand soaring through the roof? Get authors to your store to meet and greet their fans!

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Let us tell you about this game, fair reader

Bookstore Dream, to be clear, has about as much book-selling realism as the Call of Duty series has to real warfare. Ultimately though, it is just a game, and this one draws much of its inspiration from a series of smartphone resource management games...

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Lobster said:

I'm actually interested in this one. I've always been a fan of sim games.



grumblegrumble said:

This actually looks kinda fun (since I'm a writer and an avid book reader.) Plus, I really did wanna own my own bookstore someday.. lol



ouroborous said:

wtf? I sure hope this isn't another "Order Up!" debacle.... That game was dreadfully repetitive and dull.



Crazybrain1 said:

Hope it comes to U.S. ;)
It probably will, i just hope its still 200 points and gets good reviews



Dyl_73 said:

At that price it's certainly worth a look. And who knows, it could be brilliant.



FredyGarbagis said:

Man, this game just jumped to the top of my "average playing time" on the 3DS.

Played it for 4 hours straight... It's like crack. Circle nailed Kairosoft style.



MrWu said:

Just bought this and it's exactly like Kairosoft's GameDev Story and other 'Story' games in structure.

Visually both also look similar. Surprisingly addictive. Hearing the cash register ring or having all your stock sold out is a great experience.

Inventory management is the name of the game here. You have staff but they are just units you hire, can't be trained. You need to buy shelves and racks to house your books and magazines, but placement does not affect traffic.

But if your store is reasonably popular enough, you will sell out daily, and restocking day to day won't be enough. You can buy more stock but it takes more days. In fact, 3-4 day shipments gives you the most stock, but you also run the risk of not having anything to sell for 3-4 days.

Great game and great price.

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