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Pullblox is a unique part-puzzle, part-platform game that will tax your brain and creativity!

Children in Pullblox Park have been trapped inside giant block puzzles – ‘pullblox’ – that are as big as houses. So it's tiny hero Mallo to the rescue!

Climb the structures, pushing and pulling blocks to use as steps, and rescue the children. If you make a mistake, simply rewind time and try again!

There are more than 200 pullblox to enjoy, and you can also create your own in Pullblox Studio and exchange them with friends via QR Codes.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Mega blox

Intelligent Systems is mostly known for its work on the Advance Wars, Fire Emblem and WarioWare series, but occasionally, when it's not too busy, it develops some unique games: it's created titles like Cubivore on the GameCube and Eco Shooter Plant 530 on...

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Pushmo (known as Pullblox in Europe) is coming to the 3DS eShop in December 2011. Let this trailer explain more about this quirky game from F

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User Comments (24)



Geonjaha said:

This is some excellent 3DSWare. If all releases are at this standard then we're looking at a fantastic eShop. (9/10).



Azikira said:

I am so shocked at the quality of this game. The graphics and animations have the quality of a retail release, like Super Mario 3D land, with less then 1/4th the price. I am so glad I bought this!! :3



TWK said:

@Azikira Yes, I agree. It is Intelligent Systems... everything they make are grade AAA stuff.

Best 3DSWare title yet for me! Incredible game! Gameplay, controls and audio are top notch!



Azikira said:

@TWK: I just mean, from all the muck and mediocre titles Nintendo's download service has put out, it is just such a delight to get such a gem!

I would have gladly paid much more for a game of this caliber! :3



StarDust4Ever said:

I just dowloaded it. My only gripe is that the tutorial spoonfeeds the game mechanics to you instead giving you the option to figure it out yourself. Very nice puzzle game and the ability to create and share custom levels is awesome!



ReptilynSamurai said:

@StarDust : Agreed about the annoyance of the spoonfeeding tutorial. There are 18 tutorial levels, many which are barely any different than the ones before! I was eager to get to some real puzzles, but there was no option to skip past them.



grumblegrumble said:

Wonderful game! 10 stars!! Every aspect of this game is polished, professional and very very entertaining and addictive ;) A+



Tryken said:

While I'm 90% certain I'm going to buy this game, I wish NLife would hurry up and put out their review of it!



Riquerico said:

I couldnt wait for NL's review and already bought it. I'm loving it, it's very addictive and fun to play!



Supremeist said:

Can someone help me out a little bit here? I'm stuck on Level 10 (Lesson 10) on the basics. I've been trying for hours and it sucks.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

@ryanthehedgehog First, pull out the first two blocks as far as you can. Then pull out either one of the two blocks in the middle, side pull it until it's three blocks out, then proceed to pulling out the top blocks until you're at the top.

EDIT: And if you're having problems with lesson 10... good luck. You'll need it.



Marioman64 said:

pushmo / pullblox : infinite puzzles for small price = big awesomeness

not to mention the game is just fantastic overall. take any sprite 32x32, make it a 10 color pallette, and you get instant puzzle.




Bowser908 said:

i soo want this. im getting a 3ds prepaid card for my bday so i will get pushmo then



NintendoLover said:

I probaly going to be sent to gaming hell for this, but am I the only one who thinks this game is not that great?

Don't get me wrong. Pushmo a great game. Graphics are great, it's very cute, and there's lots of puzzles to play. But it's not that special. It get's a bit repetitive, and I just got a bit bored. I would recommend another game, like FreakyForms, which I think alot better :l



Ogil2 said:

@NintendoLover, I've got BOTH games (FreakyForms and Pullbox) and I have to say that Pullbox is WAY better. First of all, There is no time limit. Second of all,Its harder. Third of all, It's Longer.Fourth of all, There is more Pullbox codes posted on the internet than Freakyforms. My work here is done.

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