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Fri 2nd Mar 2012

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NintendoLover commented on Animal Crossing:

OOOOOOhh, I just can't wait for this, been waiting for years for a new sequel, this looks like the best game EVER. Will stay up and sleep overnight at stores for this game. <3 this game, looks beast



NintendoLover commented on Pullblox:

I probaly going to be sent to gaming hell for this, but am I the only one who thinks this game is not that great?

Don't get me wrong. Pushmo a great game. Graphics are great, it's very cute, and there's lots of puzzles to play. But it's not that special. It get's a bit repetitive, and I just got a bit bored. I would recommend another game, like FreakyForms, which I think alot better :l



NintendoLover commented on Review: Animal Crossing Clock (DSiWare):

Actually to be honest, and I know this sounds stupid, but I think's this titles actually worth it on a few conditions. i do admit, i bought this little title thinking it would actually change he 3DS skin, but no -__-". But anyway, there no point in leaving out on your desk all day, it's just pointless, rushing to it at every hour just to here the 'town tune'. The only sole thing I find in this title which is worth buying the alarm ( if you use it everyday). Waking up to the nostalgic tune from the village is priceless. Also the sound recording's are a nice touch.

But seriously, you can't expect much from a clock, it's $2, what do you expect. If you a hardcore Animal Crossing fan, you'll adore this little cute title