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Tue 13th Sep 2011

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ReptilynSamurai commented on Iwata Hints at Upcoming Swapnote Update:

The bases have pretty much been covered by comments here already.

Replies to replies. It just makes sense to be able to continue to reply in the same thread. Also make marking a message as a 'favorite' also mark all replies as such, so they don't get deleted to clear space when you hit the limit.

Re-send replies to new recipients if more people you are friends with get sent the initial swapnote message.

Streetpass messages that can be broadcast to anyone not on friends list (to bring back some of that pictochat fun from conventions). There can be parental features to prevent receiving these messages.

Typing! I too have bad handwriting.

The ability to record sound / take photos from within the swapnote app, to make it easier to incorporate these features. Support full 10-second recordings (why the inconsistency, Nintendo?)

The ability to send 3D videos. Now that the 3DS Camera can take them, this would be a great way to share them!

A good way to sort/filter messages.

Make it easier to delete messages quickly. (Why do I have to back out to the menu, then choose delete from the options, then go back to the message I want to delete again? It's easy to delete replies!)

This is a very promising app, but there is so much more that can be done with it! Here's hoping at least some of these improvements are made! I'd also love to see it be made one of the apps that doesn't require you to quit your game to use, but I doubt that will happen.



ReptilynSamurai commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Has No Multiplayer:

Rayman Origins (on PS3) has been the best cooperative multiplayer experience I've had since Portal 2. I love playing it with my friends, and at home with my girlfriend. We all have 3DSes and might have been tempted to pick up extra copies of the game, but no multiplayer is pretty much a deal-breaker on this. I'll just keep playing the PS3 version of the game.



ReptilynSamurai commented on Pullblox:

@StarDust : Agreed about the annoyance of the spoonfeeding tutorial. There are 18 tutorial levels, many which are barely any different than the ones before! I was eager to get to some real puzzles, but there was no option to skip past them.