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final nail in the coffin here:

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LOL what!? Nicalis always has the coolest games, but it seems to be an immense struggle to release them. They must not be very good at porting games besides Cave Story.

Sorry for the uniformed comment, but I waited for Cavestory for 2 years, I have been waiting for NightSky for 3 years, and this was announced 2 years ago. Not a very good track record. The only game they released quickly was VVVVVV, and even that had a bug.

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In Nicalis' defense, WiiWare is on its last legs and has always been a pain in the butt to develop for. Maybe there's still hope for La-Mulana to move to 3DS/WiiU's eShop, but I'm sort of surprised it took this long for them to abandon ship (although I don't know quite how they managed to get it released in Japan and not in NA and Europe, but w/e).

Not to be all Chicken Little, but I wouldn't be surprised if the WiiWare version of Retro Game Rampage follows La-Mulana and Super Meat Boy into the abyss sometime in the near future. I hope not, though.

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Maybe VVVVVV was released so quickly because the eShop is easier to develop for and get a timely release?

@RevolverLink I sure hope not, that game looks ace. It's been featured in Nintendo Power periodically from 2009 to last issue, so I still have hope.

@Oddy I know, but my PC has hardly any room for Word Documents let alone video games. And it's nearly 10 years old.

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An improved PC version, or do you mean the original PC game the WiiWare game was going to be based on.



Its not coming out in NA?!?
I was really looking forward to it too.

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As my Wii isn't working, I can't say this really affects me, but hopefully all their 3DS projects are still ok. Really looking forward to Night Sky, 1001 Spikes (or whatever it's called), and the Cave Story 3D download (haven't played this game in any form before). I really enjoyed VVVVVV.


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@RR529 You're in for a real treat when Cave Story+ comes to the eShop. Not only will you get to play Cave Story for the first time, it sounds like you'll be experiencing the definitive version.

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I suspect that it is simply a decision of economics. With the Wii itself looking to be replaced soon, there's a huge possibility that any publishers putting WiiWare out now would not only make a loss, but actually make no money at all.

Having said that though, the work on the game is done according to the La-Mulana website (the main work I assume being the translations), there wouldn't be much stopping them switching development to a different platform. I predict an upcoming 3DS Ware announcement.

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This would have been a great bridge game to show support for the wii in it's final days. It's increasingly difficult to get excited for the wii u ware based on current events. I have points I am waiting to spend, but I'll probably just waste them on stuff I wasn't that interested in initially.



@vherub, Retro City Rampage is supposedly being released sometime this month, so maybe that's something you could get excited about. It does also harken back to early 8-bit eras.

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Seems like it was more than just WiiWare dying out

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It's not criticism of the wii, it's more a criticism of their online digital approach. I would like to purchase a Wii U, knowing that wiiware games had strong support throughout the product lifecycle, continue to have strong support, and there is a concerted effort in place that wiiware games will get carried over to the Wii U. I don't see any of these points as Nintendo's strategy. So it is difficult to think the Wii U will suddenly be much different (in regards to downloadable games), since they could be taking an alternative approach, right now, with wiiware.
I am looking forward to RCR, but that seems to be the final game.



Nigoro: good luck. Nicalis: go backrupt. Seriously.

This is nothing new really. Before Cave Story was released on Wiiware people were talking about how much Nicalis just...doesn't get it. I didn't even buy it at first and thought the fans were just being annoying, but I was proven wrong. They don't understand that they can't pull the same lazy crap big publishers do and expect to consistently make money. The only reason they're successful is because of taking advantage of indy gaming, I'm not even sure why more people use them for publishing btw. It's only a combination of enough fans of the game being nice and wanting Pixl to actually make money combined with indy hype getting Nintendo fans to try what is essentially one of the only great Wiiware titles that Nicalis has done well. Granted, I can't really get as mad at them as I was for the initial Cave Story release, since they haven't had the same stupid mistakes as that barely remake had. I was honestly considering them more a punchline rather than something to get angry at but their blatant lies about La Mulana is pretty pathetic.

Also, Tyrone Rodriguez needs to never talk again. I mean, I've made fun of Hideo Kojima too, but I'm not a producer of a gaming company. BURN BRIDGES BURN!

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