Topic: Your thoughts on the ''Vitality Sensor''.

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@Adam-That is the best idea since Pong Toss,wonderful!

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I have to admint that I laughed when I fist saw the Wii remote and thought they were out of their minds but it turned out to be a great thing... so maybe the Vitality Sensor will turn out to be fun as well...



I was amazed when they unveiled the Wii remote. The applications were immediately obvious. This is a bit more obtuse, but who knows what they'll do.

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I think this is more comparable to the balance board. At first you're like "what", but when you think about it, it's really doomed to being under utilized. On the other hand, pretty sure the Balance Board debuted with software. Unveiling this without even the most rudimentary of tech demos (see Sony's motion control tech) makes it seem like a useless and bizarre piece of plastic instead of an incredible product.



I think it's got a lot of potential. Using it in a rhythm game where the beat syncs to your heart rate could be really cool, or using it to generate data for use instead of a randomiser for enemy patterns and such would be gimmicky but neat.

Like any other peripheral it's limits are the imaginations of the game designers and developers.

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