Topic: Ideas for the Villain in Skyward Sword? (A Sylverstone and lz2010 joint-venture)

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CptNtheGameMaster wrote:

OR...have Link team up with Ganon to defeat a much, MUCH larger eeeeevil....just a thought....


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Kid_A wrote:

theblackdragon wrote:

@CptNtheGameMaster: it's been done before, the good guy teaming up with the bad guy to defeat the even badder one. there would have to be some serious twistage going on in order to make that kind of thing interesting again. :3

I can't ever see Ganon fighting along side Link. Not to mention it's terribly cliche, as you mentioned. But what if Link is working for Ganondorf, pretending to be a bad guy so he can get close to him and kill him? But in order to make it all look convincing, Link has to follow Ganon's orders, some of which may bring up certain moral issues within Link? THAT might be interesting...

Ok here's a good storyline for this game or a future one. What if there was such a great evil that not even link could destroy and they had to release Ganondorf from the Sacred Realm just so the power of the full triforce could stop the chaos and only Ganondorf knew how to defeat the darkness. Everything is fine until the end when there is a fortune which can lead to world leadership and Ganondorfs greed and hunger for evil begins to return and he turns on Hyrule once more....and then someone else can come up with an ending



I'd prefer to see someone entirely new or at least not previously seen in the villain before. For as much as we know, Skyward is gonna explain the origins of Hyrule and the Master Sword. What do we already know about that? The Sacred Realm was originally apart of Hyrule before the ancestors of the Twili tried to steal the Triforce. My first guess is it'll be Midna's great grandpa or reasonable facsimile. Also, I was thinking Ganondorf has magic abilities even before getting the Triforce of Power but they've never explained how gets them. None of the other Gerudo that we've seen have anything like them. Maybe it'll be some evil that's fallen outta prominence by the time we get to Ocarina that Ganon gets his original powers from.

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MrButlertron wrote:

None of the other Gerudo that we've seen have anything like them.

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I'd like the final boss to Ganon, similar to the epic fight at the end of Oot. But with a twist, you only get one go at deafeting him, if Link/you lose then Ganon consumes Link and the Princess to become the ultimate power you then continue the game as Ganondorf who has to balttle the 6/7/8 (however many) mages of the temples till the end of the game, resulting in evil world domination and turning Hyrule all bad and that.
If you defeat Ganon then you can rule Hyrule in peace as Link, in a manner similar to Little Kings story/Animal Crossing type gameplay.
Crazy enough for ya?

What's this bit for again?


Meh, I still want a new villain. Ganon's becoming kinda stale

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The villian should be ganon's son and in the end you find out his mom is Zelda
Or it could be Tingle, but then he'd always hafta win no matter what and that'd be no fun for anyone but me

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SuperZeldaMan would be a pretty great villain. Of course his motivation isn't very clear and nobody would ever have any clue what the **** he was talking about, but it'd be a wild ride all the same.




The Evil Tingle.

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I'd like to see Majora. Not the Skull Kid with the mask, but Majora himself/itself. The creator/inhabitor(?) of the mask. We don't know if Majora really made it, or if he lives in it, or if the mask looks like him or anything. That would be neat, I think. One of the most powerful and deranged villains in the series... I'd love to see a return in that form.

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Chances's Ganon, lol

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You could have some sort of anti-triforce that fits in the middle. Using Majora as a Villain again isn't a bad idea, but will never happen. I'd place my bets on Ganon again.

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I think it's pretty clear that it ain't gonna be Ganon, since this game happens before Ganondorf was even born.



No Zelda, No Ganondorf, Link Only

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JumpMad wrote:

No Zelda, No Ganondorf, Link Only

Final Destination.

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