Topic: Will Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 hit Wii U?

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Whitewatermoose wrote:

I wonder if there is enough outcry and waiting for Nintendo to "money-hat" like they did with Blops 2, and Ghost if we get a confirmation in August saying, due to "public outcry" we have decided to release on Wii U. Really it is about Nintendo money hatting activision.

Nintendo should do it. They should have money hatted four games a year to port to Wii U. If they would have done that, I think EVERYONE would leave Wii U satisfied. BLOPS 3, Advanced Warfare, Destiny, NHL, WWE, Mordor, Garden Warfare, Resident Evil HD Remake, RE Zero, Project Cars ALL SHOULD have ended up on Wii U!!!

I don't see the problem in paying the porting cost, if the cost is two to three million per game as speculated in a GAF thread. Port either one a quarter throughout the year, or the BIG releases to satisfy the user base. Nintendo doesn't need tons of games. It needs to have Nintendo games, and several of the big titles every year. That is it. The sports games and annual franchise may not need to be on the Nintendo console annually, but they should at least be represented with a decent port on the Nintendo platform.

There aren't enough Wii U owners to make a noteworthy "public outcry" and expecting a port of a game like call of duty or any game comparable to that size in three months will certainly not happen.

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