Topic: Will Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 hit Wii U?

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Did I just create a thread for a Call of Duty game? Yeah, I did.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 got announced today but the platforms are unknown until April 23rd.
I really hope this come to Wii U. I highly doubt it its coming to Wii U, though. The game will be officially shown on April 23rd so get ready for the "Wii U is dead" comments from people for like the billionth time if this game skips Wii U. People will say that because high profile games skipping a console isn't a good thing at all.
Anyway... I hope Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is coming to Wii U. I don't care that much if it skips Wii U. I can totally understand Treyarch if its skipping Wii U, too. But still................................. I have hope!

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I am expecting it to skip the Wii U, while hoping it doesn't even though I probably won't buy it because I won't have time to play it.

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Short answer: no. Long answer: Black Ops 2 and Ghosts failed to meet sales expectations set by Activision, so Advanced Warfare was never released on Wii U. The Xbox One and PS4 have very similar infrastructure, so porting between the two is much easier than porting to Wii U. Activision and Treyarch don't want to waste the extra money and the extra effort on a product that will inevitably fail.

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Won't be getting the game (not a fan of the series) but I do still hope it comes to the console. Sure, it may not get a tremendous amount of sales but it'd still be worth having ON the console. It'd be worth having AC Unity on the console even if I wouldn't get it. Sort of the same scenario.

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It wouldn't suprise me if either one of these two situations happen.
1. It skips the WiiU because of the same reasons every big game skips the WiiU, or.
2. It gets announced and arrives months after all other versions, plus it gets no DLC.

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Treyarch seemed to support Wii (and Wii U port of Black Ops 2 seemed alright given the neat addition of wiimote controls) well so maybe but given the terrible sales of Black Ops 2 and Ghosts I'd say the chances aren't high.

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All we can do is wait and see. Doesn't make sense to worry what games are/aren't coming, especially since there is alot out there already.

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They didn't put it out last year when there were like 7 million Wii U's and 10 million PS4s, so they certainly won't be releasing it on Wii U now that it's at 9mil and PS4 is nearing or at 20mil.

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Why would you make a thread like this?

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I... highly doubt it. Sure, it'll be cool if it landed on the Wii U... but I'm not holding my breath.
I still haven't gotten any CoD, though...

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Treyarch is more pro-Nintendo than other COD devs, but I don't think this will come to Wii U.


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What do you think?


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The Wii U's install base isn't improving, so no. Yes, there are enough sales pouring in from first party games and the occasional new IP thanks to Nintendo's fans and families that continue to support the brand, but the fact that they haven't even managed to crack 10 million sales some 2 ½ years after launch is pretty laughable in comparison to Nintendo's previous hardware; however, Nintendo is dealing with a completely different market to the runaway success that they were enjoying during the lifespan of the Wii. They are producing fewer units of pretty much everything (unless it's a Pokémon game on 3DS), which means less shelf space for Nintendo games, but overall, a tighter and more controlled retail presence (which comes at the expense of being less conspicuous than its rivals).


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I was actually really looking forward to Wii U because I thought that we would finally be getting third party support on par with the other systems. In the past, we would usually get spin-off games designed specifically for the Wii (e.g. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Dead Space: Extraction), or a port stripped of features present in other versions of the game. Hell, we aren't even getting those anymore, which is even more disappointing.


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I think we'll see this appear Treyarch have been pretty supportive of Nintendo consoles (within reason) and I think they will look at putting this game on WiiU not for the mega sales but for the benefits it could bring long term. Console tastes change generation to generation and in the next Nintendo could dominate for all we know and those companies that showed some support in the WiiU era could find themselves in a privelaged position a few years from now. It also promotes the CoD series to a whole other demographic of gamer who may not buy it this time but may do so in future. This could all be wishful thinking on my part but I should admit I am a big fan of the Black Ops series (not so much the others although the first modern warfare was great for its time) and I'd be really happy to see a new military shooter on the WiiU

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They took time out before and came back. After Call of Duty 3, they initially skipped Modern Warfare before returning with World at War, followed a year later with a belated port of COD4. Sadly, the Wii never did get Modern Warfare 2, but that at least establishes some precedent.

Why they would want to come back though, I don't know. Maybe there's something there with NX that excites them, so this is their way to get restarted here with dedicated Nintendo hardware. That's about the only way I can stretch this and have it make even the slimmest of sense.

It's also Treyarch's turn, and they're of course more familiar with Nintendo's PowerPC based architecture than anyone else handling this franchise, since they've always gotten the porting duties even when it was an Infinity Ward project. And I guess that you could theorize that they possibly didn't want to divert resources from Black Ops III last year by also working to bring over Sledgehammer's Call of Duty debut.

That said, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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I don't know. Activision hasn't seen a lot of success on Wii U. CoD always sold modestly on Wii, which is why it kept getting them.

If you ask me, Activision needs to stress uniqueness in the Wii U version; likely via pointer controls. There is a substantial market that is more comfortable with that style.

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Almost definitely not. After 2.5 years since Wii U has come out, it would still be really expensive to create a PowerPC version of the game that can rival the PS4 and Xbox One versions. If Wii U was really that much of a priority, Black Ops II in 2012 would have been 8th generation on Wii U, instead of a straight port. They are still technically dealing with the same challenges they did on Wii U launch, for CoD(or any 3rd party game, for that matter). Even if Wii U had gotten an 8th generation version of CoD Black Ops II, there's really no saying whether people generally interested in Xbox or PS would have cared, anyway, which is part of the reason along aside being expensive, as mentioned.

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