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Joshers744 wrote:

Call of Duty can get to the point where it is completely unoriginal

"Can get?" I recently got CoD 2 from the Mac App store and was thinking it was an unnecessary sequel. Black Ops' sorry excuse for a single player campaign more than confirmed it for me.

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The only thing that is possibly potentially bad about the controller is that with the Classic Controller Pro I'll always try to click down the sticks, only to be resisted.
EDIT: That's more of a problem with the CCP, actually.

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Gonna get this on day one, hopefully most of the Wii U games support it.
Realy? It sure would be a shame if this controller did that

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I still find it odd that it hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo if the GamePad and U Pro controllers have analog triggers. Some people say they're not, some people say they might be. I don't see any reason why Nintendo wouldn't do it, seeing as how they put everything else into the controllers. And it would only help make some games more compatible (e.g. racing games) and would allow for perfect controls in gamecube games.


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