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although preorders are out everywhere online does that mean my local gamestop or walmart wont have it?Im looking to get it day 1

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The only thing to do is go check, that's what I'm doing. I recommend you go there early in the morning though.

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yeah thats what i plan on doing. i dont think anyone else near me is going to buy a wii u anyway.

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nintendaholic wrote:

although preorders are out everywhere online does that mean my local gamestop or walmart wont have it?Im looking to get it day 1

Shouldn't you be asking THEM?

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i suppose so but i wasnt if that meant stores wouldnt even have any in stock

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I wonder this too... I can't preorder yet I'm hoping to sneak in early on day 1 (unless it's a midnight launch, then i'm DOOMED) and buy one of the "preorder units" before anyone else does.

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and does anyone know if there are any stores that are not sold out of pre orders

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Target may still have a couple physically. Otherwise your out of options, unless Walmart is doing preorders in store now. Or you can check in at some other stores. Sears has been known to carry consoles, but are not usually thought of when it comes to console launches. There could be a good possibility you could go there and find one on launch day, or maybe even a preorder before it comes out.

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Walmart is doing preorders on their own special bundle. It runs higher, and I'm not entirely sure how many they have available. Most likely, they will get a few extra at the store, but first come first serve could get crazy.

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it is unlikly you will find any in the most common places to buy consoles, as applejacklove stated places like sears would at this time be your best option or any other place that is not highly known for selling this stuff

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I think sears is my best bet. and ill prolly be at the store before it opens

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I hope they're not available anywhere.



Don't bother checking Gamestop. They have 250,000-something gamers on the waiting list.
General stores like Wal-mart and Target are probably safer bets when it comes to finding one. Sears also looks to be a good one to check out, since few gamers go there to buy a console.

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I sadly won't have enough money by the time the Wii U launches since I just barely started my new job. This makes me sad because, when I do get the money, I'll still be unable to buy it because of how hard it will be to come by.

However, there is a K-Mart in town that no one cares about. Seriously. It has a huge parking lot and I rarely see more than a handful of cars there at an given time.



I pre-ordered mine at the store within the week of the price announcement. You might be too late, but it wouldn't hurt showing up at your local stores really early just in case.

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Yeah I would stay away from gamer stores like Gamestop, Bestbuy, Target etc. as they are probably going to do a Midnight launch and even if they dont I am sure that those will be the first place people who didnt get a preorder will show up first. I have heard that some people are selling preorders on Ebay and Craigslist but expect to pay a bit more for it for those. Other than that I hate to say it but you are probably out of luck and will have to wait untill the next wave.

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sears it is then

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