Topic: Who's getting Wii U on day 1???

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I am thrilled to have paid GameStop the full balance of my Wii U Deluxe console. When Nintendo announced release I went down and transferred all my store credit to a Wii U Deluxe. Then they stopped taking preorders two days later and started the wait list. Now that I have paid off the console I am just sitting pretty waiting until November 18. I already have my shelf cleaned out under my PS3 for my Wii U to sit



I am.

Getting WiiU Premium, New Super Mario Bros. U and a WiiU Pro controller day one.

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Paid for my system near the start of the year.
There's no way I wasn't going to get it on day one.


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This guy. Got a premium bundle, Wii motion plus controller, pro controller, NSMBU, ACIII, and Sonic Racing Transformed waiting for me! I'll wil be strapping that day ha.

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I preorderd the Wii U deluxe on and scheduled it for in store pick up and my credit card has been charged for it so I assume I will get it on day one. I don't count my "chickens until they hatch though." A lot of things like production or distribution problems can happen form now until then though.

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Me, but I won't touch it for about half a month

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I will, I pre-ordered Deluxe so I will get Nintendo Land and plan on also picking up NSMBU and possibly other titles but deciding which is still the issue.
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Not me. But hopefully I'll get the deluxe bundle by Christmas.


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Me, but I was only able to pre-order the Basic version. The premiums were out of stock.


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Nah I'll definitely pass for now, none of the launch titles catch my interest I'll see how its looking a year from now maybe I'll change my mind by then.



I hope that I can get one on day one! The local game store does not know how many systems it will receive on launch day. Since I pre-ordered mine a little late, the chance that I will get mine on day one is slim. (But the shop owner is a good friend of mine, so he might just keep one reserved for me)

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No one likes nintendo where i live so im sure i can go anywhere and buy one

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I'm in two minds really. The 3ds has started to pique my interest so I'm not sure which way to go, Wii U or 3ds. I just wish it was easier to choose!

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I most likely will. I'm just trying to save up for an actual game. (ehmehmassassin'screedehmehm)

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