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i S*** you not today my wii u gamepad was stood on its mount ( the little black thing that came with it ) and it turned its self on ! ** could not conect to the console please turn it on **

i mean the console was not plugged in atall i made sure of that ... so what on earth happened ? are nintendo watching me through the gamepad ?? lol

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Power surge or something of the sort perhaps? I remember a few years back, I went to touch the power button on my computer case, static caused a shock, and the power turned on.

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perhaps there was another bluetooth device in the vincinity?

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Mk_II wrote:

perhaps there was another bluetooth device in the vincinity?

This seems likely, some sort of interference, maybe someone passing your house even. I've had some weird occurrences with Wii remote connections before, so many things use Bluetooth now...

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You can turn the GamePad on even if the console it off if you press the TV button.

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Mk_II wrote:

perhaps there was another bluetooth device in the vincinity?

Surprisingly enough, Broadcom created a new type of wireless radio which was incorporated int the Wii U (in addition to conventional bluetooth) to stream video and other information between the gamepad and the system itself. This also explains the more limited range of the game-pad.

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