Topic: SMASH BROS:Pit should be BANNED and removed.

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tendoboy1984 wrote:

Nintendo6400 wrote:

This video looks hacked. Battlefield can't be played during the winter. And no, Pit should not be banned.

And you can't arc light arrows over the edge of the screen like that.

Damn hackers.

Yes you can. Stage background hacks are popular. That doesn't mean the game play is hacked. Arrow looping is a weird but cool trick, nothing to do with hacking.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


liammiller18 wrote:

Tiers aren't an end-all "You play this character, you win" kind of deal. All a tier list is saying is essentially that a theoretical person of an equal level of mastery with every character would win using the characters higher on the list. Obviously, a bad player using Meta Knight will still lose to a good player with Ganondorf, as player skill is what matters most, but tier lists are valid in what they argue for.

in addition to this; tiers dont only come after player skill, but also character matchups, A tier characters will in GENERAL be better than B tier characters, however some B tier characters have advantages in a 1v1 fight against an A tier character

however the B tier character is a lower tier than the A tier character because the A is better against MORE people than the B is.
beyond that even is player 'style', different players of the same skill level play the same characters in different ways

the tiers are only a very general indication of which characters are better OVERALL, if you were to look at the general trends of all games played at the competitive level over a period of time, but have very little impact on specific individual matches other than obvious outliers(such as metaknight at the top and gannondorf on the bottom or whatever)



I have little against pit other than that spinning sword attack. So hard to get out of it. The one that should be removed and banned is Metaknight.



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