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After the most recent system update, I've been noticing some really small changes here and there that just caught my eye. I just feel like sharing them here:
-On the Wii U menu, the icon to switch what is being displayed on the GamePad and the TV was changed.
-When powering down, the screen now fades to black rather than flickering like crazy.
-The loading screen for each app pre-installed on the console pulls up a little quicker and snappier (see comparison videos to see what I mean)
-The 3rd loading screen for Miiverse is slightly different...the blue spinning wheel in the corner is less prominent.

Any other small changes you noticed? It's just interesting to see what small things Nintendo changed after the update.


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It's nice to know that the automatic download works fine. My WiiU just let me know that Google street U has been update and installed itself.
Also, if somebody sends you a friend request, the friends list icon flashes. I've not noticed this one before, so I'm not sure whether it was there before the update or not.

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They added a screen size adjustment option
Not sure if that classifies as a small change but I didn't even realize it was there until someone told me!

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I love the auto download option. Lego City downloaded all 19GB overnight for me!


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I can confirm that now you can hold the power button to soft off a horn of doom... Need For Speed is the first game to freeze horn me after pressing the home button



Im saying nothing about duds....but thats good to know mad aussie...thanks for lettin us know



@Reef7009 We all know this is to do with the EA product quality of death assurance



The Wii U logo animation (when you boot up a game or app), now runs smooth...



I noticed that after the update the Wii U hate level has been decreased by 2 notches worldwide.

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There is a text cursor in the internet browser now, and you can use the Wii remote or Pro controller to navigate weg pages. You still need the gamepad to input text, though.
Other than that, I think everyone has mentioned everything already.

Yes. It does seem downloads have gotten faster after the update... I downloaded 35GB of data(Tekken and Lego), within 9 hours or so. I don't really recall exactly, because it was a month ago, but it was in the same day, @ 7mb/s.


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