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Just saw the news that Activision is bringing back Sierra with a new King's Quest and Geometry Wars. I think King's Quest would be perfectly suited for Wii U while Geometry Wars would be great for 3ds. Does anyone have any insight on the possibility of these games coming to Nintendo systems? I would love this!



It would be great, but maybe their's a chance it is Activision. I think they haven't fully stopped supporting the wiiu,but if it was EA or ubisoft this game would not be on the wiiu. I will just wait until some news comes out talking about the platforms who are getting the game.

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Sounds interesting. Wouldn't mind a compilation of the old King's Quest games either.



After watching the grumps play King's Quest IV, I'd totally try out some of these games on my WiiU.

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You're joking. They do not want to have anything to do with it, and now, after 10 years or so, they finally bring it back? I don't know why, but I have a feeling it won't have the charm of Sierra games, if they will make a new one of course

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I would be interested, I would rather have Geometry Wars for Wii U, duel analog stick is almost required for that game.

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Big fan of Sierra games... basically my childhood. Not going to get hopes up for anything on Wii U. Can't trust anyone.

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LOL beetle juice!



I'd like. Geometry Wars is great and any good point & click with Wii Remote controls would be something i'm very interested in.
Their strategy games wouldn't be a bad fit for the GamePad either.

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