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Hello everyone,

For those that have a Wii U, I was curious as to what eShop downloadable title you'd recommend. I'm thinking about getting one, but I'm trying to decide which one. Mighty Switch Force and Nano Assault Neo are the cheapest ones, but I'm not really that interested in the former and I'm not generally a fan of twin-stick shooters. The other three (Little Inferno, Chasing Aurora, and Trine 2) are all games I'm interested in, but I'm just unsure which one is the best value since they're all more than I was expecting!

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Little Inferno, Chasing Aurora, and Trine 2 are all worth their price tags. I highly recommend all three!

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I can say that Mighty Switch Force is a pretty great game and the price tag is very suitable. Trine 2 is and incredible game as well, I would highly recommend it especially if you have friends for local or online co-op.

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Yeah, I'm not entirely uninterested in Mighty Switch's just my wife isn't much of a gamer, so I'm trying to get her more involved in what I play. If I play a platformer, they're usually too boring for her to watch, and she doesn't really like to play herself. I'm thinking she might like to watch Trine 2 and she may enjoy playing it as well (we've had fun with New Super Mario Bros Wii).

I'm REALLY interested in Chasing Aurora, but it sounds kind of short and I don't think she'd really enjoy watching it. I'm not really sure though...

I must say, I wish they'd had demos up right away!

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I don't have a Wii U yet but I definitely recommend Mighty Switch Force! based on the 3DS game.
In the end all five of the games available look pretty good, and I plan to try to purchase all five when it comes out here.
Mighty Switch Force! (despite already playing the 3DS version) and Little Inferno are probably at the top of my list.
Followed by Trine 2, then Chasing Aurora and Nano Assault Neo.


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Has anyone downloaded Nano Assault yet? What's it like?!

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Trine 2's a no-brainer for me if you action/puzzle-oriented platformers. It also happens to be gorgeous. The other recommendations depend on your taste in video games, but it seems like it's quality all around.

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I playe the first Trine, and I have the second one on PS3. The first one was good. I think that Mighty Switch Force is the one I am most interested in at the moment. That is a Christmas Day purchase for me. See I have the U, but it is not being opened until Christmas...maybe.


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I have only downloaded Nano Assault, and I am definitely very happy with it! You can play 2 players using a Wii remote and nunchuk on the TV, and someone else using the Gamepad. Me and me friend had a blast with it last night. The graphics are also pretty cool for a download title. There's even online leaderboards. Doesn't seem like many people have bought it yet since me and my bud only played for a half hour or so and we were already ranked 30th in the US


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