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Non-specific action figure was a highlight of the Nintendo Direct (at least he was for me)

Nintendo should really pick up this character. Could be a great franchise or an excellent addition to Smash Bros. I also reckon that they should bundle one with each console - he'd be a great way of demonstrating the power of the Wii U's NFC. Not sure what exactly he'd do but I'm sure they could come up with something.

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He can be in the box for ill-defined or maybe even non-specific reasons

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I love Non-specific action figure! I really hope Nintendo actually produces and sells them. It doesn't need to have NFC functionality but it would be a neat bonus if it featured it in some capacity. Regardless, I would totally buy one, maybe two! C'mon Nintendo, you're onto something good with this!

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Bye Bye, Nyan Cat!

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I may be taking this way too far, but maybe he was a hint at something maybe a game with this character will be shown tomorrow. Again, probably unlikely, but it would be interesting perhaps. He was going to be my avatar today but someone else beat me to it I saw earlier.

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I will be in the box to silently judge each of you.


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Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

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WAIT!!! i got an idea. if you put non-specific action figure on the wii U controller when in the menu screen, then everything will be non-specific action figure everywhere!

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