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Weird. It's like looking into a parallel world where the Wii U isn't doomed. Up is down and wrong is right, what to believe??!!

Seriously though, this guy is right. The fact is that Sony and Microsoft were successful in spite of themselves. It's quite possible any successor machines will sit on the shelves, whilst the Wii U will be fresh enough that it can keep parity with the PS360 which will get more software than the new machines. I would laugh.


after reading that i think nintendo do have a plan, theres been lots of bad news of the wii u in the past few weeks, but nintendo hasnt said anything about which just means they are waiting. look at the wii its technology was older it had no HD yet it out sold PS3 and 360 by miilions, look at the 3DS it had a rubbish start people said it was a "health hazard" said it was rubbish and no good games, some people still critizise it but its sold 20+ million while the vita with better technology has only sold around 2 million, my faith is back with nintendo

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Very interesting read, thanks for sharing! One more thing that I think Wii U has going for it is that the games that utilize the current console's (refering to 360, PS3, and Wii U) to their fullest are few and far between. Its a little rocky right now, but I think that Wii U has a bright future ahead of it, especially after this holiday when several major exclusives are likely to drop.

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

Weird. It's like looking into a parallel world where the Wii U isn't doomed. Up is down and wrong is right, what to believe??!!

yeah i hear that haha, its defiantly an intresting outlook that makes a lot of sense. fingers crossed it turns out to be the case cos im super nervous for ninty at the moment.

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@Ecto-1 yeah its no problem man, and like the article says after the big exclusives this year show what can be done for a fraction of the cost on other consoles, 3rd partys will begin to jump on board. its strange how much more optimistic i feel after reading that.

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Agreed. Not that I was ready to join the doom crowd, but a little perspective helps. The economy tanking may well work in their favour - assuming they market people on the upgrade. Otherwise they may just opt for one of the incumbent HD systems with their larger catalogues and cheaper price - not that this would necessarily help MS and Sony since they'll want to move new hardware they just spent millions developing.


The saving grace after hearing all the bad in the last few weeks is this happened with the 3DS. It seems to be picking up steam, and it has a great year ahead of it. It should also be said that the budgets for big games sitting at what they are a lot of these companies can't afford to release a lot of different games. That will have a negative effect on launch lineups as well as the number of games launched going forward.

I agree Nintendo at the very least is in a situation where they can weather a storm if they have to. Microsoft has cash, but they also have other divisions that they have to split the cash between. Sony is just barely getting by, and they cannot afford to have a problem. If there is an adverse reaction to the PS4, they are toast.

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