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I think its more of jealousy than hate really

the wii u has been doing better lately, a little better and awesome exclusives are on the wii u you cant get anywhere else, more of them are coming and when smash bros, mario kart 8, X and bayonetta 2 come it will sell a lot better. Have you seen the butthurt ps4 and xbox one fanboys over bayonetta 2 and X? and the fact ps4 fanboys are worshipping vita remote play?, something that the wii u can do that is included. Says everything really

The wii u also comes with an amazing tablet controller that lets you stream your games to it and do other cool things like draw,type easily,go through menus faster,video chat(forgot wii u had a camera eh?), and more

I know third party support is lacking but here is the thing, shovelware is almost non existent compared to what happened with the wii,the wii u gets good third party games, watch dogs, assassins creed, splinter cell blacklist, call of duty ghosts, arkham origins, third party should improve

Anyone here that bought a wii u and enjoys, YOU MADE A GOOD DECISION, and THANK YOU for supporting nintendo in this struggling time for the system

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Are you willing to also ignore the haters of PS4 and Xbox One? You cannot badmouth the badmouthers...

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I think threads like this should really stop. If you wanted to praise the Wii U, you could have done it without talking down on fans of the other systems.

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Jampie wrote:

I think threads like this should really stop. If you wanted to praise the Wii U, you could have done it without talking down on fans of the other systems.

If the ps4 and xbone fanboys stop badmouthing the wii u then I would gladly stop, but unfortunately there are so many ignorant fanboys, I like all 3 consoles for that they are, I just prefer the wii u



I haven't seen any haters of the Wii U - in fact I've seen more hate aimed at PS4 and Xbox One than Wii U.
Also, don't you think you're contradicting the point of the topic of ignoring haters by hating on the other consoles and their fans?


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We've got a thread going for this exact thing here, guys, though without the negativity. Feel free to pile in and play what you love without denouncing 'the other side'; if we all just focused on ourselves for a bit instead of being concerned about what everyone else is up to, the world would be a much better place! :3

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