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It was given a "Low" status because it's hard to recommend. Low is a fancy way of saying gamers probably won't beat this game due to its faults. Which are apparent.

You see nothing expert about his review because its score is low, no? Just because he didn't mention beating it doesn't mean he didn't. You should write him a letter asking because nobody knows. But for "not beating the game" he's pretty spot on when it comes to describing why it's so bad.

I toggled with the controls but it benefited me none. Changing the controls doesn't help its terrible melee and tedious backtracking let alone its ugly, uninteresting layouts and designs. The game just looks awful.

Oh and is Machinima's review also unprofessional? I mean it seems every reviewer who gave it lower than an 8 is unprofessional, no?

I meant the online mode on ZombiU. It's apparent that was tacked on.

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All right, that's enough. If anyone else cares to see what GameInformer has to say about Wii U games without signing up for a subscription, there's always Metacritic.

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