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Flipnote Studio U.

What would you think of a Flipnote Studio App on Wii U?

I think it's quite a good idea for Nintendo to make one. Since they even included a person drawing on the Wii U Tablet.

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Since it has a tablet... it's quite obvious.

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I'm sure someone will make an app if Nintendo doesn't. That inchworm animation app for DSiWare comes to mind.



Ya, that could work!

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That would be awesome. Has to be done!

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Yes yes yes. Maybe some 3DS transfer action also...

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I would love that if i could link my 3 accounts (my current dsi, the future flipnote memo for 3DS((cant wait!)) and the possible Wii U flipnote studio) so I wouldn't have to remake my flipnotes, all lacking in stars and each have hade hours put into them. Too much past work and way too much future work, but I do digress. But yeah, I'm all for it!

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