Topic: Cardboard Cutout of the Wii U Gamepad

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Says the seller is from Antioch California, thats not too far away from me.

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This forum has some odd threads. Wtf is that about? It beats the other thread about the odd dream about wii u lol



Looks like the seller yanked it off, perhaps they were worried about getting in trouble for scamming buyers? (Not that it was a scam, it was pretty clear the item was a piece of cardboard.)

However, I guess others thought they'd try their hands at this game:

Note that almost none of the users have had any of the same success. I suppose nobody wants a cheap knockoff?

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Well, shoot. How high was the bidding the last time you all checked? Last I checked it was $91,200 and this was around 4:00AM Central.

I was really curious about high the bidding would get.

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That was around the highest, it didn't get much past $90k. Though that's still a lot.

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Oh my god. Why?

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It says the listing was removed.

That means noone got to buy it right?
I'm relieved now.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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At least the shipping was free. XD
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy an origami box for 800k.

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you guys realize those were probably joke bids too, right? there's no way it would've gone for that much.

either way, it's down now, so thread over. why not go bid on a melted Wii U instead? :3

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