Topic: Anyone still waiting for their Yooka Laylee refund?

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Hi all,

Is anyone still waiting on their Wii U backer refund? The game has been out for almost a week now and there's been nothing from Playtonic about the status of Wii U's backer refunds.

I've emailed and tweeted them and I've yet to hear any response. Leaves a real sour taste in the mouth.

Anyone else had more luck?

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Yeah same here! I wrote them four Mails and two messges via kickstarter. They didn't answer! No answer, no Reaction nothing! Perhaps Nintendo Life should make a News about this!! The took our money and don't delivery! This is betrayel!



You guys know that when you back something on Kickstart it's not guaranteed right? It's not like a preorder or something like that.

With that said just be patient and wait bit longer. Sometimes refunds can take awhile.

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To be honest, Playtonic are just a really greedy, unreliable - and I'd almost like to add evil - company.

I contacted them the first time on December 14 2016 about the refund. But I got no answer, just the automatic email response.
On January 3rd 2017, I tried to change my pledge on Backerkit (from 'Wii U' to 'refund') and also contacted Backerkit. They told me that "All cancellations and refunds will have to be handled by the project team directly". At least Backerkit responded rather quickly and also made sure to check in with me after there was no progress. In total there was an exchange of four emails (four emails from me and four from them) between Backerkit and me between January 3rd and 12th.
By January 19th, I still hadn't heard anything from Playtonic, so I wrote them another email.
Then, without getting any response (apart from an automatic one), Playtonic sent an email to all Wii U backers on February 13th ("Wii U Backers - Last chance to make your platform selections!"). To which I replied that I already had requested a refund and still hadn't received it.
Finally, for the first time ever, Playtonic responded to me via email on February 14th. But instead of confirming my refund, they wrote "For backers who have changed from Wii U pledges to refund, we will begin processing these once the latest surveys are locked down." They also told me that my Backerkit account was still pledged against 'Wii U' and that I had to change it to 'refund' (despite the fact that I had already done that in January). I responded that I already tried that and couldn't change it there (and that Backerkit told me only Playtonic could to that).
Finally, in their next response, they confirmed that they had changed the pledge on Backerkit to 'refund'.
Still, I didn't get any refund, so on February 28th I wrote them another email to ask when I can expect the refund to happen. But I was so disappointed that on the same day, I wrote them a second email, since I wanted to let them know I felt deceived, asked them why they made it so hard for people to get their money back and questioned whether they were willing to pay backers their money back at all.
Finally, on March 7th, I got my refund on Paypal.

So to sum it up:
It took 12 emails (including those to Backerkit), a Paypal case that I had to open and 83 days to get my money back.
I really doubt they will give anyone their money back unless you're repeatedly applying pressure and stay persistent.
I'm pretty certain Playtonic are rather trying to annoy their backers until they just give up. That's the kind of company Playtonic apparently is.


It's funny how you manage to have a very valid complaint and still sound so whiny and entitled.

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