Topic: Have you downloaded any games you already own?

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I have, though it is kind of a waste but for some reason the temptation to have a downloaded copy seems necessary maybe because carts are old and may die soon and to play it with a classic controller. Have you ever downloaded a game that you already own and what made you purchase it again?



Yes, and I've bought used games for my collection I've already downloaded



I think the only one would be super mario bros 3, but that was gifted to me, so I'm not sure if it would count.

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Yeah, done it several times. Bought SMW, SMB3, and ALttP even though I have the updated GBA versions. It's just easier to have them all on one menu instead of three different carts, and the Classic Controller/Wii Remote feels so much better in my hands than the GBA. Also, they're all classics, so I didn't feel bad about it.

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I downloaded Punch-Out even though I have Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, just because the video is a little crisper over component cable and it's less trouble than hooking up the Nintendo and fiddling with the cart. I'm thinking of downloading Super Punch-Out even though I already have that too.

Probably one good reason for downloading some of the old NES games is you get a save file rather than having to start from scratch each time, but that hasn't been a factor in any of my purchases.

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sure have -- you already mentioned the cartridges may die, which is an issue for games with save files, and in certain cases (where I had myself owned updated remakes of older games, Super Mario Advance 4: SMB3 and SMAll-Stars for example) it's nice to be able to play it again with all its original graphics and stuff, just like i remember from when I was really little. the Wii save-state thing is a great feature too.

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I like playing Burnout Paradise for quick plays & I got tired of swapping discs so I downloaded it off the psn. I play it a lot more now that I have quicker access to it. I've been thinking about downloading Super Mario 64 even though I still have the cartridge but I haven't made up my mind yet.

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Yes I have. I still have my Super Mario World cartidge, yet I re-downloaded onto the Wii Shop Channel.


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On the virtual console, no, however I am selling my PS1 copy of FF7 and intend to rebuy it on PSN.



Nope. Never had any old systems like the NES,SNES or N64.



Yes, Super Mario Bros. and Sonic 2.

I also have Mario Kart 64, but technically I wasn't the one who downloaded that.

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I don't have the money to be spending on things I already own. I'll download them if they die and I really liked them, but that's about it.

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Super Mario World. My sister begged me so i did.



Super Metroid, Paper Mario, The Legend of Zelda, SMB 3, LoZ: ALTTP, F-Zero, Actraiser, SMRPG, Mario Kart 64, Streets of Rage 2, Mega Man.

If you count games I can get through means like AC or others there's Punch-Out, Metroid, and Pac-Man. I also own 3 different Phantasy Star 2's, VC, GBA, and Smash Collection.

I plan to buy Majora's Mask and Star Fox 64 in the near future. Though it's not a dl, I plan on buying Metroid Prime Trilogy and I already own all 3.

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No no i don't. Because it is stupid to own 2 of the same thing.



No. I have access to all my systems that I own and to the games I own also. It would be a waste of money to me for downloading the games I own.



Only a few of the Neo Geo titles to make sure emulation was consistent with the real thing on my arcade cabinet. Other than that, I haven't downloaded any VC games I already own the actual carts for.

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I own Kid Icarus, Punch Out!! (both the Mr. Dream version and the Tyson version), and Secret of Mana, all also purchased on VC cause they're amazing...same with Super Castlevania and Castlevania 3...I think that's it. Someone else paid for and downloaded Mario World and Mario 64 (and R-Type, TG16 and original Sonic, Genesis) so none of those count.

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I still have the GC Zelda Collection, but I bought Majora's Mask and Zelda II on the VC anyway. I also have a GC Mega Man collection, but will likely buy many of those on the VC over time. I hate having to get a disc, put it in, get out a GC controller, boot it up, etc, when I could just click on an item on the Wii menu and play immediately. MM had bugs in the GC version anyway, and for the others, having the quick-save feature is extremely useful.

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