Topic: Do you use the "soft save" on VC?

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When you are in the middle of a game and you just return to the Wii menu, so that it saves exactly where you were...I don't really like to do it, because I want it do be just like the original (as much as possible) and in the original ALttP, for example, if you save and quit, no way you're starting in front of the dungeon, you're starting back at your house, buddy

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I use it. I play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a lot and I would go batty if it werent for that now. Stupid game.



I don't really use it that much as I use emulators for most of my games (Yes, I use the HBC), except N64, Neo-Geo, and TG-CD.

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It's perhaps the best feature on the Wii. I like to dabble in games. I hate being forced to play through areas I've already cleared because I had to go to work.

I mean, it's no different than if you were to leave the game on all day while away just so you don't lose your progress, and I'm sure many of us have done that. Except this way you're not wasting electricity or risking your progress in the case of a blackout.

Of course, if you forget to hard save, it can get ugly. I recently found out that I lost all progress in the second quest of Zelda. I was at the last dungeon, and already got one of the items, too.

I must have thought I'd been saving all that time and reset it, or maybe I lost the soft save data when I moved it to SD, not sure.

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i use it because i dont like to turn off my wii when switching games

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I use it to keep highscores that weren't saved originally.


Yes. In Kid Icarus(NES) is really usefull... I dont want to write a lot of passwords.




yeah I use it, like adam said it just like leaveing your game paused all day so it's not really cheating.

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I use it, and I like it.



I use it, and I like it.



that how i beat Kid Chameleon

but always rember it doesn work on all emulated systems

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It's nice loading it up then starting from where you were previously, with some games it's a revelation! And you've got the option to reset if you want. Great function I hope that they keep for DSiVC when it happens.






Yeah I use it all the time it brings these old games into the 21st century. I mean I know that some hardcore people like to complete a game in one go or replay the same bit over and over but for me I don't have the time to do that anymore so the soft save is a god send.

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For some games you have to. Like Super Mario Bros. 2 The Lost Levels. I used it all the time for that game. Beating it in one sitting would have taken forever. Today was the first time i've played wii in literally about a year. If it wasn't for a random craving for old fashon mario games my wii probably would still be sitting there.

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I use it for games such as Super Mario Bros. 3 (if you've played this, you know exactly why it's a life saver) and Donkey Kong Country 2 (save at Kong Kollege, yes, but soft saving works if you want to save some coins now and then). It's a nice feature if the game doesn't have a save feature or if that save point is just too far to get to when you need to hurry up and be somewhere.

But seriously, I don't think I could ever see the last world in SMB3 (without flutes) if it were not for the soft saving. I tried the flutes... My years of not playing 2D Mario games has left me rusty in that last world of fire. @[email protected]



I use it all the time (like I have a choice!), but mainly it just saves my score. I mainly use it to give myself the option to continue at a future date; I don't save mid-play.

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