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I got Donkey Kong Land 2, Mario Party 2, Star Wars Episode I: Racer (N64), Monster Truck Madness 64, and WCW Mayhem (N64) in the mail yesterday.



Knux wrote:

I got Donkey Kong Land 2, Mario Party 2, Star Wars Episode I: Racer (N64), Monster Truck Madness 64, and WCW Mayhem (N64) in the mail yesterday.

I would love to play star wars racing again, oh well, my n64 is put away.


I found a nice little retro video game store in my area. I bought Billy Hatcher and a sealed copy of Animal Crossing Wild World for a total of $20. I bought my third copy of Super Mario World for the Wii U VC. (Already had the SNES and GBA version) and I bought Mario Tennis 64 and Donkey Kong 64 a couple weeks ago.

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Wind Waker in 2011

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  • 1942
  • Dragon Spirit

Was super excited to get 1942. I love the 19XX series! My favorite shump series.

Annnnd now I have to be super good for a couple weeks since more pressing expenses have popped up. ~_~

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just another day...


Once i complete Super Mario Galaxy 2(which will be by the end of the month), I'm going to tear open my Wii U Fred Krueger-style and finally hook the sucker up. I'm absolute bat Sh** insane for letting it just sit there in my closet since Christmas Dec(Or was it Nov?) haha.. I'm still trying to play catch up with my Wii and this is the only reason why I've been holding off on the Wii U. I have 8 more wii games in my 30 something collection to finish plus about 20-30 more that i'm interested in buying. I just haven't gotten the most out of my Wii and jumping into the Wii U knowing that just feels a bit iffy. But eh, After Galaxy 2 I'm going to just bust out a Truffle Shuffle and play a big mash up of Wii U & Wii games from here on out. This generation I guess you could say will be a big bodacious blend of both! It wil be the ultimate NintenSmoothie.

As for 3D Mario, I'm not exactly the biggest fan either. I mean, Mario 64 was groundreabking during the time....But even then it lost a big chunk of charm & detail that was present in World in favor of first wave new born Blocky & blurry textured barren environments and simple lifeless characters, but it achieved that full 3D scope(Which the PS1 couldnt achieve) and 3D analog stick control which picked up even the most subtle and precise movements that made gamers eyeballs pop out of their noggin like Large Marge from peewee's big adventure.

You'd probably dig super mario 3D land, because it's a faithful 2D to 3D transition, since it introduced small mario for the first time ever in a 3d mario, then there's the run button, it ditched that silly health meatre and boasted classic-linear stage design just like SMB1-World. It's downside is that it's very uncreative and borrows heavily from mario's previous outings and has the same run of the mill worlds which you've all seen before. But it's still one great playing Mario.

Anyways, i just picked up a bucket load of retro goodies which i'll post up tomorrow, even though my PC is on the freakin Time to upgrade and get a new Desktop computer at the end of the month. It's funny, I've got a 23" 1080p Samsung monitor, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and a decent sound system, yet the desktop computer itself is a low grade bottom of the barrel Compaque pressario from 2004 haha.

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I recently picked up Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes for around $25. I was dedicated to Xbox and GBA during this generation so I've been having a blast going through some of the older titles that I'd skipped.

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Just won a GameBoy Mario's Picross on eBay for 3.25 USD. Is a Japan Game. Nice condition. Complete in box.




Viewtiful Joe! My lord its so fun. If DMC was a sidescroller, it would be similar to this.

Also, I ordered FZero GX and Rival Schools so those should be coming soon. Will be a fun summer!

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I just purchased Exodus CIB, Fester's Quest cart only, Monster Party cart only, and Raid on Bungling Bay cart only all for the NES.



Sealed Castlevania Double Pack.


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gyromite without ROB (a very fun co op game actually)

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I picked a Gamecube with Wind Waker!!!

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@NES_Bob_82 monster party is a fine game
@Ryno_genesis_nemesis that is a fine cart as well
as long as everyone is getting the games i have and like, you are all on your way to perfection

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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